Today I went in search of sugar cubes. No, we are not dropping acid. We all use sugar cubes in our morning coffee. Really. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Scarce as hen’s teeth!

Anyway, there were none to be found anywhere. I had to order them from Amazon at twice the normal price. I’m beginning to wonder about price gouging. I think it’s going on. But how did Domino sugar know that we couldn’t live without our sugar cubes? Oh yeah, everybody knows everything about all of us because of Alexa. I dare not say her name out loud. She’ll tell White Lily that I’ve been hoarding a 5 pound bag of unbleached flour. If word got out, there’d be a mob at the door, demanding enough to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, I bought a box from Fresh Market. They were dreadful. I believe I’ll have to make some myself.

Good for Muscle Aches – helps you sleep too

I talked with my friend Carol today. It seems like she’s doing a little better, but her neck is stiff and sore from it being held in an awkward position in the ICU. She’s using some Australian dream cream (?) to try to make it better. From what I’ve seen on line, that’s good for joints, but nothing about sore muscles. I’m sure CBD cream would work miracles, but I dasn’t say anything…she wouldn’t appreciate it.

My left eye is giving me trouble. I fear I’ve returned to my teenage years with a recurrence of herpes ocularis from eyestrain. No doubt I’ve gone too long without having my glasses prescription changed, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading these last 57 days. But at the moment it’s just sore to the touch and has a slight discharge. Maybe it’s just dust from cleaning off the level and blowing cobwebs in my eyes and lungs. Here’s hoping. Treating herpes ocularis is a pain in the butt, not to mention sleep. It requires treatment in the middle of the night. Fingers crossed that I don’t have that.

A Lousy Way to Go

God it’s awful getting old. Statistics about the Cvirus indicate a whole bunch of deaths in this country – and likely other countries as well – came from old folks in nursing homes. Makes sense that it would be that way: underlying conditions and no social distancing. But can’t nature just leave those old folks alone to die naturally? Ma should be glad she went that way without having to deal with intubation and cytokine storms. That’s a terrible way to go.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. The gym can’t open Monday…false alarm. Too many deaths in Palm Beach County to qualify. How many nursing home people go to the gym? Oh, maybe the workers…here we go again..never mind.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen level is 97 and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. How about that: all 9s and 7s. Weird. Oh Well…

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