I started watching Upload last night on Amazon Prime. It’s a Greg Daniels piece, which was an encouraging note as he was an early Simpsons writer as well as many other shows that are pretty good. This one is set in the future, when souls can be uploaded to a heaven of sorts, run by “Horizen”, a riff on Verizon network. I got through about 4 or 5 episodes. It’s actually pretty good!

A cute show with lots of similarities to my Matryoshka series, but with lots more humor

You have to pay close attention, because he sneaks in a lot of subtle stuff, as well as lampooning future Millennials and the continued superficiality of their predecessors. The hero ends up in this resort of sorts, and isn’t too happy about it. His girlfriend on earth controls all his expenditures, and there are hints that she put him there in order to keep him under her thumb. Of course, he falls in love with his ‘angel’, i.e. his network support person who is there to fulfill his every wish. There are other characters, some better than others. It is worthwhile watching, as it’s diversionary and nowhere is the Cvirus, pandemic or antibody tests mentioned. That alone makes the series worthwhile.

Wedgwood’s Runnymede Dark Blue china. Just love it and I got it for a really good price

Oil prices are gradually increasing, at least temporarily. We’re in the mid to high twenties, which is half what companies and countries need to justify the cost of pumping the goo out of the ground. Retail sales, of course, plunged hugely last month. Anyone surprised by this fact must have been in a coma for the past six weeks. Only grocery stores and Amazon seem to be doing well. I’ve been doing quite a bit of online shopping myself. I got a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom, a couple copper pots, one for me and one for Robin, and a red oriental lamp for Emily’s room at the apartment. I also snagged a Runnymede Dark Blue 5 piece place setting for less than half what I paid for one in about 1985 when the value of the pound dropped to the equivalent of $1.11. The pound is worth $1.21 at the moment. Anyway, we had a mishap a few years ago with the china hutch, and I lost a few pieces. This almost puts me whole, but at least gives me a nice teacup to drink from. I do love Wedgewood! Recall Runnymede was where King John signed the Magna Carta…just a factoid I thought you should recall..ahem.

See, I’m beginning to cheer up. Why? I have accepted our fate, that we will be unable to go anywhere or do anything likely until the fall. I’m also betting school won’t open in the fall, so Emily may be doing online work until she can get her GED and go to the local what used to be called community college. She says she’s interested in nursing..we’ll see when the time comes. I suggested she get some kind of certificate so she can dip her toe in, rather than go whole hog into health care. You know, like radiography or inhalation therapy – one of those things you go to school for two semesters for and then go right to work in that field. We shall see..everything is different from when I was young, so what do I know?

Good food and wine – just what we all need

I hope we can gather familially on Sunday to talk and eat and drink wine. That was such a nice diversion two weeks ago…it needs to happen again. Looking forward to reading Ray’s next installment of The Chronicles of Northwest Nowhere. They are superb!

My temperature is 98.2° F. My blood oxygen is 97 and my heartbeat is 76 bpm. All is well for now.

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