Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64? Sixty fourth day of self-isolation. It will not end anytime soon, so I’m not even sure why I’m counting anymore. Guess it’s a habit now.

The truly difficult ones are on Saturday – Sundays are just bigger

Today is Saturday. I have to say it to myself, because if I don’t, I’m not entirely sure what day it is. Back in the day, pre-virus, I could tell what day it was by the difficulty of the NY Times crossword puzzle. Let you in on a little secret: Saturday puzzles are generally harder than Sunday’s, contrary to popular opinion. Sundays are just bigger. I finished last Sundays in 22 minutes and some seconds, a new record. That was doing it online.

I finished all ten episodes of Upload. It gets a little darker at the end. As is typical of Greg Daniels, he’s got a rather cynical outlook on life, given his television productions. But by Episode 10 of Upload, you’re beginning to see his dark side emerge. There’s a plot within the plot, relative to how Nathan, the main character, died. It’s a bit of a distraction in the beginning, but as the plot unfolds, it begins to dominate the story. Nathan also begins to become a better person in the afterlife, regretting some inapt behaviors when he was alive. Episode 10 ends with what isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but you can tell there’s going to be a Season 2. There will be.

Endangered Species

Went to the grocery store today. There is plenty of meat, chicken, seafood – all good. The only items still missing are paper products. Very strange. It would appear you have to go first thing in the morning to snag some. Maybe people are still hoarding or maybe they’re selling it at a premium on Ebay or Amazon. Anyway, we have enough to last us for a while, given there are only two of us in the house. John is in the cottage and has his own stash. My, how the little things have become so important these days.

I bought a bottle of champagne and Erik snagged some of that good orange juice called Natalie’s on a store revisit. Tomorrow, when la familia gathers, we’ll have nice mimosas.with the combination of alcohol and citrus. Also got chips & salsa, and maybe I’ll make something up fresh. It’ll be nice to talk to somebody other than my Ipad.

Goodbye, Silver Sneakers

I cancelled my gym membership. Can’t see paying $32 a month and not being able to go. Maybe after there’s a vaccine, or they start holding the classes outside. But no indication of that .. at least not yet. My friend Bobbi is concocting a plan to walk around the parking lot at our favorite Chinese restaurant (if they’re still in business) and then get the take out and eat it in our cars. That part I’m not too keen on, but hey – it’s a start. We’ll figure something out. I find if I spend too much time in the house, my allergies start to act up. Guess it’s the dust or maybe mold from all those hurricanes in years past. Anyway, walking is healthy and we need to get started doing it.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen is 96 and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. All is well. Carry on or out.

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