We did gather as a family, and it was lovely. Robin & Colter have a new (used) car, a VW GTI that makes them happy – even Kiernan likes it. She says she enjoys driving the car, and at the advanced age of 7, I’m sure she is most qualified to do so. Both Lee Ann and Emily stayed home; Lee Ann wasn’t feeling well and Emily, well Emily never likes to socialize. So be it.

120,000 is a big number

The world will achieve a new milestone in a few days: 5 million cases of Cvirus. Over 316 thousand people worldwide have died. That’s a death rate of 6.5 percent. The death rate from influenza in the recent past is 0.5%. That makes SARS-2 13 times more deadly than yearly flu. Yet, the country is opening up everywhere. People will go back to restaurants, gyms and other places where people gather. The death rate will most likely continue on its present course. In the US, that’s 6 percent. Assuming we continue to see this death rate, we should hit the 2 million cases mark by the middle of June with a total of about 120,000 deaths. I would prefer that neither I nor anyone I love be included in any of those statistics.

Dictators – who needs ’em?

So what can we do? We can continue to self-isolate. We can stick with wearing a mask and shopping as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize time and contact with others. We can continue to eat right, get enough rest and stay mentally fit (that’s the hardest part). Russia is now second to the US in cases, but they have to work much harder to match our death rate. But they seem to be willing to give it the old college try. They’ve averaging over 10 thousand cases a day, so it appears they have a big problem with Cvirus. They are right next to China geographically, and their leadership has done as poor a job of coping with this pandemic as ours has. Brazil is working hard to achieve high numbers too. Bolsonaro has been revealed to be useless. Gosh, what a surprise! Pandemics generally do rip the mask off the old Lone Ranger, as it’s hard to spin critical illness and death. The world will certainly be different if and when all this is over.

Most Appropriate Depiction

Then there’s the economy. With government assistance we can limp along for a few more weeks, but the money allocated for individuals and small business is likely long since spent. They’re going to have to allocate more, the Republicans’ hesitatation notwithstanding. Have they forgotten there’s an election in – scroll up to post heading – in 169 days? They must have, or they still labor under the illusion that the ‘base’ thinks fiscal conservatism is a good idea at the moment. If they continue to behave this way, there will likely be a serious rout of Republican senators and congressmen/women sitting in those seats in D.C. Gosh – woudn’t that be a pity?

But then, even with control over both houses of Congress and the White House, the Democrats can usually be relied upon to squabble amongst themselves in an attempt to be ideologically perfect. Sigh. What we need is real leadership, not dogmatic perfection.

The virus will be with us for some time to come. We must open businesses back up in order to survive, musn’t we? But what if people stop buying? Deflation is a thing, and it’s a very bad thing. If I expect goods to be cheaper next week, and I have the flexibility to wait, I will wait. This is more perception than reality. But we Likely need to be prepared for at least an 18 month struggle to return to any degree of what used to be called normalcy. It will never be normal again. You can count on that.

My temperature is 97.8° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 85 bpm.

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