Today is Monday, and it rained most of the day. The so-called ‘hurricane’ season apparently has already begun, because Tropical Storm Arthur is currently off the coast of North Carolina, and then out to sea. In the future, the hurricane season will start in January and end in December. Climate change. Sigh.

Now I know where everything is – except the spices that didn’t fit on the rack, in a box next to the rack – details, details

What did I accomplish today? I put my spices on the rack behind the dining room table, in alphabetical order. Tomorrow I’ll organize my cookbooks, also in alpha order. Now you have to admit, that is the kind of activity that naturally belongs in the midst of a pandemic. When would I have bothered with either of those before? Never.

Aunt Jopie had to put her cat Ivy down today. Ivy was 20 years old, she was deaf and lately seemed to have lost control of her bladder. I know what a difficult decision that was, but it was the right thing to do. One of the reasons I hesitate to get another pet is because it’s so painful when they die. I know the hours of love and affection you get from that pet more than makes up for the pain, but still..I can only imagine how she’s feeling tonight. Jopie, if you’re reading this, you are very much in my thoughts. Rest in peace in cat heaven, Ivy, and with your hearing restored.

Everything was supposed to open up today here in Palm Beach County. But the library isn’t open, so I can’t return Kiernan’s DVDs and my copy of Crazy Horse & Custer, which I did finish. I barely started on a book I got from interlibrary loan dealing with ships and navies from World War II. I read a review of the book in LRB, and I had a sense the review was better than the book. After reading half a chapter, I quickly became convinced that was correct. It’ll go back to LSU’s library without much perusal as soon as the library resumes operations. I can hope that is soon.

I still need to set up a routine for exercising. I’ll find a video from Silver Sneakers and start slowly, since I am now soooo out of shape. But my right knee – the one I twisted badly when I tripped on the concrete driveway in Tallahassee – is giving me trouble. I need to build up those muscles, as well as my thigh muscles for the sake of my balance. Otherwise, I’m liable to fall again, which is never good. It is my greatest fear.

Time to Start Writing What Needs to be Written

I think it’s time to contact Elaine and go back to therapy sessions. I miss talking with her, and I want to go back to making progress in dealing with my childhood issues. I had a big assignment going into the pandemic shutdown, and I haven’t done it yet. I have outlined it, but outlining and writing emotional prose are very different. I’m just not confident enough to do it without knowing she’ll be there to hold my hand. It’s essential.

Nothing more to report. My temperature is 98.1° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 76 bpm. Tomorrow I’ll update you on the insights I gain from putting my cookbooks neatly on the shelf in alpha order. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Sigh.

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