I took the vintage Ringling Brothers poster depicting a chariot race to the frame shop in Lake Park. They do a good job there, better than Michael’s for not that much more money. I saw the poster on the wall next to Max Cherry’s desk in Jackie Brown, and I liked it. Turned out there was a back story involving Robert Forster. The actor’s father was an elephant handler for Ringling Brothers, and it was his poster on the wall. I used the same frame, but with better matting, picking up some of the more obscure colors in the poster. I hope it looks good at the Tallahassee house, and that Kirsten likes it.

The Fallen. May They Rest in Peace

Monday is Memorial Day, and I’ve been giving that some thought. Erik and I used to attend every Memorial Day service when Erik the Younger was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. It was my deal with God to attend the ceremony honoring war dead in exchange for Erik coming home alive and in one piece. Then there’s the Clemmie story on top of Erik’s wartime experiences. All in all, it makes Memorial Day rather special for me. I will celebrate it in my own way, not by exposing myself to any potential SARS-2 carriers, but by beginning to write the sequel to the Clemmie story where he can talk through his experiences. I think it apt.

We’ve been slowly picking away at getting the house in shape, moving some things around and hanging some pictures in appropriate scenarios. Today was scrubbing the kitchen floor, a task that probably hasn’t been done in six months. It was gross. There’s been a lot of cookin’ in that kitchen in these past 19 years. It still has the original gas cooktop, though some of the igniters don’t work any more. I’m just afraid to change it out, because you and I both know: they don’t make ’em like that anymore. So I keep my bbq lighter handy for the burner that won’t ignite, and carry on. Maybe someday.

Last Thursday Erik and I went to Dr. Viera’s to get blood drawn for our regular checkups. I’ve been working hard on maintaining good cholesterol, managing blood sugar and taking Vitamin D. We’ll get the results next week, and I’m confident we’ll both be doing OK. He takes good care of himself and I have good genes. There you have it.

Writing Group Will be Fun

Finally, the family is coming over tomorrow to drink wine and talk about starting a writers’ group here in Jupiter, as previously mentioned. Ray has dug up a whole lot of criteria to be considered, and I want the artist ladies in the family to make us up a logo like the one I found with the cowgirl and the lasso. It may have to be virtual at first, but eventually we’ll figure out how to get like-minded people in the area to come together and share their writing. Looking forward to it.

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