Kiernan’s little friend Callie has a fever. Kiernan was playing at her house several days over the past week. Some of Callie’s father’s business associates have tested positive for the virus, so it is possible she was exposed. Erik gave Robin an infra-red thermometer. Tomorrow he’ll get them an oximeter. We need to keep checking our vitals daily too. We won’t be seeing them at all for at least the next two weeks. That makes me sad.

A short novel or a long short story..which is it?

Still making good progress on the story. Every time I think I’ve about reached the halfway point, I think of other scenarios to include in the story. It’s already 20 pages, so if I’m not half done, we’re probably looking at around 45 pages. So what is it? I suppose you’d call it a novela? The definition is a short novel or a long short story. I think that sums it up pretty well. Of course it’s semi-autobiographical, but aren’t all good stories? We shall see…

That means really tiny

I listened in to the Scripps Webinar, and frankly I was disappointed. The title for it was Mapping Weak Spots on the New Coronavirus: Nanoscale Discoveries Drive Vaccine Development presented by Dr. Andrew War. Half of it must have been a ‘begging or money’ previous slide show; the other half was only half about the coronavirus. What did I glean from it? There’s little chance of a vaccine before the next couple of years, in spite of the overwhelming effort put against developing one. There’s also an enormous disconnect between what the government says about managing this virus and what scientists describe. We will not have any kind of handle on this thing for the next couple of years. If we’re going to avoid it, we’ll have to put forth an incredible level of effort. We’ll also be very lonely in the process. Current numbers? More than 26,000 new cases and 809 more deaths. What little good news there is? The ratio of deaths to active cases is ever so slowly diminishing, dropping from 6%, now down around 5.4%. If that number starts to go back up, we’re in big trouble. Let’s hope that people continue to be smart about how they live their lives and we can manage this pandemic to a reasonable level.

We had lovely porterhouse steak for dinner ($9.99/lb..how long will those prices last for beef before it becomes as expensive as pork?) I made apple dumplings for dessert, as none of us have been eating enough fruit, other than raisins in the morning cereal. It was a really simple recipe, wrapping crescent roll dough around a nice slice of granny smith apple, topping that with cinnamon and nutmeg, coating the rolls with sugar, egg, vanilla & a little flour. Then you pour 3/4 cup of sprite around the edges. You bake it at 350° for 40 minutes, and they come out really delicious, albeit very rich. Could only eat one; the guys each had two. A little heavy cream & ice cream on top was a nice touch, too!

Picadillo on Tostones – Yum!

I got an ad for Pollo Tropical the other day, showing they’re putting picadillo on tostones. It looks really tasty.. I do like piccadillo, so maybe we’ll have that on Friday. It’s the only day I don’t have a menu plan for.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 86 bpm. That’s a little elevated. I’ll wait a few minutes and try again. I checked it again – it’s 77 bpm. That’s more like it. So maybe we live to finish the story, yet.

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