Starting today, I’m adding a third number, to track how many days it’s been since we may have been exposed to the virus. If Callie tests negative, I’ll drop the number. Otherwise, I’ll continue on, mostly in the interest of science (right). I’ll also start taking my temperature and vitals twice a day. Best to be prepared for the onslaught, eh?

My temperature this morning was 97.7° F. My my blood oxygen is 97%. My heartbeat is 76 bpm. No issues here so far. Maybe Callie just got swimmer’s ear from the pool?

Apparently, Callie’s fever mysteriously disappeared. However, Robin is feeling ill, either from allergies or…whatever. I think we’ll continue to quarantine ourselves for a couple of weeks just to be sure. Cases are growing by 119% in Florida, per the news, and I really don’t want to act out my latest story line in reality.

I’ll be listening to another webinar in a few minutes, this time from the Aspen Institute. My friend Bill sent me the link, and it’s entitled “Writing about Real People”, which is most apt, given that I’m writing about the real people who formerly and currently populate my life. It should be interesting..set to start in 20. I’ll tell you more about it when it’s finished.

OK, watched it..left a minute early. They weren’t comfortable with the format, so there was no synergy. The only thing they said was proceed to truth with mercy (Steve Almond said that and everbody else echoed the same thought). Gee, really?

My temperature tonight is 98.5° F. My blood oxygen is 97% and my heartbeat is 72 bpm. Swell.

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