One Hundred days of self isolation. No restaurants, no movies and no gym. But also no Cvirus. Life is just a series of tradeoffs, eh?

Pretty Good Flick, but Damon looks too young

We watched Ford vs Ferrari last night on HBO. The movie was actually better than I expected, since it’d gotten some bad reviews. I thought it deserved better, as the story kept both our attentions (a rarity) for the whole movie. Christian Bale was well cast as Ken Miles, but somehow I could not picture Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby. He’s still got that young, Good Will Hunting aura about him. I thought they should have cast Matthew McConnaughey as Carroll. His is a better physical likeness, as allegedly Shelby was fairly tall. If you reflect on his performance in the movie he won an Oscar for (remember the name? Probably not..me either..have to look it up. The Dallas Buyer’s Club.) Other than being real skinny (he was supposed to be dying of AIDS), he played a character with very similar traits to the real Shelby. I think it’s consensus that casting Damon was just about selling tickets to see the movie, ala Brad Pitt in Ad Astra. Bad, bad movie. Guess McConnaughey hasn’t lived down Interstellar yet. Bad, very bad movie.

Paddleboard, Goodbye!

The kids picked up their final board this afternoon, this one Robin’s paddle board. Now they have them all, including a small one for Kiernan. The family that paddleboards together stays together! Slowly but surely we’ll regain control of the garage space. That is a good thing!

Kirsten texted me about last night’s Trumplethinskin rally in Tulsa, and commented about how the kids reserved all the tickets and then, naturally, didn’t show up. I thought that was positively delicious, and so did she. It will be interesting to see how he gets around the ticket process for the next rally. Also, it’ll be interesting to see how many of those unmasked folks sitting cheek by jowl will test positive for the Cvirus in about ten days. There were some folks who look like they might have underlying conditions (old age, portliness, etc) in the audience. Good luck to y’all. To paraphrase Scrooge, “let them get the virus and die, decreasing the surplus population of fools.”

And the Trend Continues Upward

Once again, Florida is winning the race for the most Cvirus cases in the country. At the moment, Worldometer is reporting 19,833 cases in the US, and Florida’s share of them is 3,494. The ratio of deaths to cases continues to drop very slowly, hundredths of a percent every 2 or 3 days. With the protests and Tulsa rally, I think it’s possible that diminishing trend will flatten and we may see a temporary upsurge. Florida has seen 97,291 people become infected. The projection is to see 18,675 Cvirus deaths in this state by October. That is a a 430% increase in deaths over the summer and early fall. Offhand, I’d say the state government’s been doing a less than stellar job of keeping its citizens safe. I would prefer not to be one of those citizens that get sick.

I’m about 80% finished with the Clemmie second story, and it’s gotten rather intense. I’d like to finish it up and ship it off to Sherry for editing by the end of next week. Then I can start on the redemption story. It needs to be told before anything else bad happens.

My temperature is 98.0° F. My blood oxygen is 97% and my heartbeat is 60 bpm. That’s pretty low; I must be really calm today.

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