I’ve started reading Lawrence Wright’s book about the pandemic, End of October. I’m only about 40 pages in, but I like what I read so far. His research is thorough, and there’s enough action to sustain my interest. His chapters are like mine: short, about 6 pages long on average. I like that because things move along quickly and he jumps right into the action without a lot of preliminary blah da de blah. Good writing!

Pork Chops – tough but the topping was tasty!

So far I’m sticking to the menus I make on Sundays. It’s less expensive than takeout, and it avoids the syndrome of going to the store too many times for ingredients thought up at the last minute. Tonight it was pork chops (tough, even though I brined them), leftover mac and cheese and grilled broccoli. Pork is so expensive, I think the cut I got – on sale at $6.79 a pound, which is double what it was a few months ago – needed to be brined overnight or slow cooked in a marinade that included some kind of acid like wine or vinegar. I’ll know better if I buy pork again. Maybe I need to check out Aldi’s pork to see if I can get a better cut for about the same price.

I’ve had a sore throat all afternoon, but it feels like post nasal drip irritation. I sure hope so. We’re 5 days in from finding out about Kiernan’s friend with the fever. Nobody else is showing any symptoms, so that’s good. I’m just going to assume it’s my allergies from not getting enough fresh air. The only place I went today was the library and Publix to get a sub for lunch.

To Live or To Die? That is the Question – maybe both

I know how I need to finish the Clemmie sequel. Tomorrow I’ll try to make serious headway in getting there. As previously mentioned, my plan is to have it done by the end of the week and ship it off to Editor Sherry. I’m still not entirely sure about the final detail of the ending: to live or die in the ICU. Depends on how I feel that day – or better yet, how about three or four different endings, depending on which parallel universe you occupy? Ooh, I like that idea!

My cute little gingham curtains from Wal Mart arrived on Saturday. Now I’m just looking for the spring rod to put them up in the window in the guest bathroom. Once that’s done, a few accessories and I’m finished. I’ll provide pix when it’s done. It’ll look much better than before.

Guess that Answers My Question

That’s it for now – gonna call Sherry and see what’s cookin’ there. My temperature is 98.5° F. My blood oxygen is 97% and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. I’m gonna see if I can find Google Duo for the PC. That way I can sit here and talk instead of competing with the television.

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