I’m in the home stretch of finishing up the Clemmie sequel. A couple more (4?) pages and I’ll be finished. I do not want to rush it, because if I do, I won’t be happy with it. It has to end on just the right note, so I can leave it alone and move on to another project.

The Man and the Book – Super Good

I’ve gotten about a hundred pages into Lawrence Wright’s The End of October, which is about an influenza pandemic which was carried to Mecca via an infected Indonesian going to the Hajj. I like Wright’s writing; he more than lives up to his name. I don’t see it on the NY Times Best Seller list. I guess people don’t want to be reminded about their current situation. But his work is quite good, with his short chapters and realistic scenarios. To say it mirrors current reality is not to underplay how accurate his work is. It’s nothing short of amazing. Being a fellow apocalypse-predictive writer, I admire his pacing and the quality of the dialogue. I will read it with relish!

Gotta Have Hope

If I can finish the Clemmie sequel tomorrow, then I can start on the Redemption story on Thursday. I haven’t figured out how I want to handle the Chapter titles yet. I want something simpler this time, maybe show tunes or titles of old movies – nah. I’ll let my subconscious think about that and by Thursday I’ll have it figured out. I like the idea of something positive and uplifting instead of the ‘misery & grovel’ as Erik calls it in my usual writing. Gotta have hope? For sure.

Robin’s going back to work tomorrow. Her two-ago old job called her and asked her to come back to run the whole billing department. Her unemployment was set to run out in a couple of weeks, so this is very timely. Colter’s job is safe, at least until the end of the calendar year. Maybe by then Pratt will see his value and invite him to work there as an employee instead of as a contractor. That would be a real blessing. I must confess I look at the daily Zillow ads for houses for them. It would be so lovely if they continued to live in Palm Beach County so I can continue to see at least two of my granddaughters grow up. But we shall see..one day at a time.

We are Getting Ready for the Big Blow after August

Erik has been working diligently on keeping things tidy in the yard, and at the same time getting everything prepared for hurricane season. We have all the equipment, so now we need the electrician to come and install the box. Then we can try the whole outfit out to see if it will work as planned. Fingers crossed.

Good thoughts go to Jim and Family – stay healthy and safe

Good thoughts go to my cousin Jim, who was involved in a serious accident yesterday. Sadly, the people in the other car didn’t make it, but Jim got away with just bruises. From the angles of the cars when they came to rest, he attempted to avert the crash by turning to the right so they hit in his left, front quadrant. That likely make for far less injury potential than if he’d been t-boned or hit head-on. Get out of the hospital, and recover soon, cousin.

Finally, I’ve been looking at some of my book acquisitions through the years, generally reflective of things that interest me. Nonetheless, I must have good taste. All together, about six of my books’ total worth runs about a grand, according to competitive editions in Amazon. That is so cool. I’d better keep an inventory – otherwise, when I’m gone the kids will sell them all for a nickel each. Nooooo!

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen is 97% and my heartbeat is 77 bpm. No problemos aqui. Muy bien.

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