The Clemmie sequel is finished..as of this afternoon. I created three endings, which was a good tip from Ray. The first ending is for Erik, who likes it when they all live happily ever after. The second ending was for my dark, Stephen King-inspired soul (bleak and dark) and the third which is a compromise between the two with a little twist at the end. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.

The First in the Series

Now it’s on to the Redemption story that is to follow the Suffer the Children series. I have a complete outline for it, so it should flow pretty easily. It’s just a question of starting it, and then setting time aside every day to write. No problem, right? Nothing much else going on in theory. But somehow there’s always something else that tries to take me away from the story creation. It’s a matter of discipline and a bit of luck that things stay calm.I need to have the first book in the series finished before September, so hurricane season doesn’t interrupt. It’s hard to write by candlelight with a quill and ink…ha ha?

I read a review of a movie about Ukraine in the 30’s. Allegedly this film is now out on Netflix..hold on, let me check. Nope. It’s available to BUY on Amazon Video for $20. No thanks. Guess I’ll have to wait. Anyway, the movie is called Mr. Jones, the title character being a Welsh journalist trying to get the story out about the Stalin-caused famine in Ukraine in the 30’s when parents literally ate their children. There was a tiny strain of that idea that prompted me to write Suffer the Children. In Ukraine, they were literally starving. In my story, they only fear starvation until it is upon them after a cyberattack on the US. So this is a story with which I am familiar, and it highlights the absolute despotism of leaders like Stalin who hated the Ukrainians for their independent ways. Ironically, after Stalin died and Khruschev took over, he gave the Crimea to Ukraine, I suppose thinking the Soviet Union would last forever, and it was just a little line move on a map, right? Well, fast forward 65 years, and Ukraine is an independent country. Putin wanted his real estate back, and he got it. Now, apparently, there’s talk he wants all of eastern Ukraine back. Would we do anything to stop him? Not likely. I will be eager to see the movie when it’s available via streaming. Apparently this is why James Norton left the PBS/BBC series Grantchester to go and freeze in Kiev. Go figure. That’s him in the picture. Quite a good actor, I think.

Suffering thru self isolation or out on the protest lines? Both, I suppose

Reading on in The End of October about an influenza pandemic, the author actually uses the line “We’re all in this together.” Kind of eerie, isn’t it, or is there some manual somewhere with appropriate catch phrases to use in case of pandemic? So far they were unsuccessful in containing the virus in Mecca, and it’s spreading everywhere – even to turkey farms. Oh my! I do love a good turkey sandwich. Maybe I’ll put that on next week’s menu – open face turkey sandwiches with gravy and stuffing. Yummy!

It’s just for the fruit – really?

I haven’t been doing much baking lately – just a strawberry spoon cake a few days ago. I need to get more fruit into the fellas, and I do have some pie crust, so maybe I’ll make an apple pie. Erik loves apple pie, and John seemed to like the one I made last time, using Emily’s favorite recipe. Of course a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top makes it less about getting fruit into the guys and more a dessert they will eat up in a few days. Whatever it takes, right? Remember what Mary Poppins said about a spoonful of sugar and medicine…

Apparently cousin Jim is out of the hospital and doing OK. That is wonderful news, and I send him our warmest thoughts as he recovers. He’s bruised and battered, so there’s definitely some pain, but nothing was broken. It was a good thing he turned to the right at the last moment. It could have turned out very differently, otherwise.

That’s about it for now..my temperature is 97.8° F. My blood oxygen is 97% and my heartbeat is 76 bpm. Cool.

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