It was a super hot day today, aggravated by the Saharan dust in the air. I did not venture out any farther than the garage. The AC has been running continuously today, trying to keep up with the temperature outside. It’ll be like this for the next four days. Not cool..

Cvirus may be more like HIV than we originally thought

Interesting piece in the NY Times by Gina Kolada, their science writer about – of course, Cvirus. It seems researchers are learning more and more about this little bug, and the story is getting uglier. Let me ‘splain.

Where Dr. Farzin of Scripps opined that there was a missing element in kids’ lower lung area that kept them from getting really sick from the virus, new research has a new explanation. It appears that the Cvirus acts like HIV in killing one’s Tcells, or at least causing them to go off in multiple directions instead of concentrating on killing the virus. The ultimate survival mechanism, right? Kids do well with the virus because their thymus makes lots and lots of Tcells, so as fast as the virus kills them, they make new ones. Us old folks’ thymus doesn’t function all that well, so when we lose our Tcells, we’re on our way to losing the battle with the virus. That sheds some doubt on the idea of immune system suppression, versus antivirals as the optimal treatment. Great. Here I thought we’d all be saved with dexamethasone. Back to the drawing board. And back to hunkering down and finding ways to get groceries delivered instead of going to Publix, where folks just seem to dislike wearing dem masks. You know, out here they be a bunch of hard core folk, eh? Guess I’ll give Instacart a try tomorrow.

There’s a Lot Going on we aren’t aware of; that’s where communication with the ‘other side’ comes in

Kirsten and I had a really long talk today. She was sharing her reactions to my Clemmie sequel, and asking me a lot of pointed questions about my feelings about the whole thing. It was a great talk. She has become my guide in reaching for better emotional health and maturity. She’s been through so much herself, and of course she’s a mental health professional. I don’t think I’d have made it this far without her help. But she still doesn’t fully understand the how and why of communicating with ‘the other side’ as everyone likes to call it. I think Elaine explained that so well. It’s just part of the 80% of our intellect that is in the unconscious. There are many connections between the unconscious and the ‘other side’ that only make sense if you actually experience it. She compared it to Erik and being in a war zone. If you haven’t been there, you just don’t get it. I think that was a very astute observation.

Crown Molding in the Bedroom will look nice

I think I’d like to add crown moulding to the other bedroom like it is in here. It looks so nice, and it really adds a nice touch to the room. I’ll need to come up with a complete decorating idea for the room and then implement it with the moulding. The writing room turned out so nice, it’s encouraging to think the other bedroom could be too. I hate messy rooms!

My temperature is 98.1° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 72 bpm. On track, here.

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