Did I mention that Kiernan tested negative for the Cvirus? Since my days run together I can never recall which day I found out. So I was counting all those days for nothing. Will that teach me? Nope. Every day is a new adventure.

Not Albert’s God

I finished reading Einstein’s book The World As I See It. Nothing to write home about, as it’s just a collection of his letters and various musings. But it certainly made clear I was right in my assumption about what Einstein was telling Rabbi Marcus. He affirms his belief there is no afterlife, and hints at his position that is reflected in the letter he wrote to the man. Einstein considered himself a deeply religious man, but not in the sense of an anthropomorphic deity with a long white robe and nearly equally long beard. No, he calls it a cosmic religion, where he believes in the power of the logic and order of the universe. I recall another quote that has often been misinterpreted of his: God does not place dice with the universe. This was in response to being questioned about what he thought of quantum mechanics. According to Scientific American, this is what he actually said in a letter to Max Born:

Heresy, Right? Not according to Hawking

Quantum mechanics is very impressive. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory produces a good deal but hardly brings us closer to the secret of the Old One. I am at all events convinced that He does not play dice.

Albert just couldn’t wrap his head around the notion of a probabilistic universe. Hawking certainly could. He said, Not only does God play dice, he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen. Imagine what Newton would have thought of quantum mechanics: his head – the same one allegedly assaulted by a falling apple – would have exploded. Ain’t it always that way? Einstein says so. In another of his essays, he talks about the strength and determination of the early scientists, and how they soldiered on, even when what they were saying went against dogma. I think that was what Einstein believed was the true religion. I have a similar sense about the power and wonder of all things universal, as I wrote a few blog posts ago in response to the writing prompt about gazing at the stars. Imagine that – Einstein and me on the same page. Speaking of the prompt, I wonder if I’ll be invited back to the Palm Beach Gardens writing group on Monday? If I were a betting woman – which I often am – I’d wager not. We shall see. It’d be OK if I wasn’t.

Keep trying y’all – we’ll get there

Another booming day in the Cvirus business: over 74,000 cases. Fauci predicted we’d get to a hundred thousand in the near future, and we appear to want to help him keep his credibility by reaching that benchmark. No end in sight, but what I find most interesting are the patterns that form. I think it must be just the nature of pandemics. The US is number one in the world with 377,000 plus cases. The number two country, Brazil, has about half as many cases as the US. If you look at Florida, the number one county is Miami-Dade, with nearly 78,000 cases. Broward is number two, with about half as many cases as Miami Dade. I suspect if you break it down even further – say by city or even further down to zip code, you’d see the same pattern between #1 and #2. The only grouping that breaks that pattern is the list of states where New York is still #1, but California, Florida and Texas are catching up fast. I think that’s because New York is through with their first round of cases, having shut down long enough to weather the storm. I don’t think the next three states have been nearly as effective with the mask wearing, distancing and shutting down gathering places. According to the modeling, by November 1, New York will have a bit over 35,000 deaths, which is just a few thousand more than they have now. California will have a little over 21,000 and Florida will have a little over 19,000. That means the number of deaths will triple in those two states by November. So again the pattern shows itself, with New York nearly twice either California or Florida. But what happens if the virus returns in the fall? Will we learn anything from the first round? That is the million dollar question – actually, more like the trillion dollar question. It remains to be seen.

Bill Lumberg, Milton’s nemesis. I have that red stapler! Probably already told you that..damn coronabrain!

I think the problem yesterday with my temperature and heartbeat was the start of a urinary tract infection. A couple of days on antibiotics, and things are getting back to normal. My temperature is 98.2° F., my blood oxygen level is 96% and my heartbeat is 74 bpm. All good. Now, if I could just get a decent night’s sleep, that would be greeaaatt, as Lumberg would say. We shall see if it works out that way tonight.

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