It is Sunday, and we made the couch switch with Jopie. John’s old couch looks great in her apartment. The one she had looks good in our family room. Win win!

The Canadian Rockies British Columbia

One hundred six days left until the election. According to nearly every media source, things are going very badly for the incumbent. Gee, that is such a pity. I think if he were to win another term, I’d seriously contemplate moving to Canada. I did a little research on that, and other than being terribly cold most of the year, it’s a nice place, full of nice people who have always welcomed runaways from America. That includes slaves after the Fugitive Slave Act, young men avoiding the draft, and old ladies who can’t bear the thought of another 4 years with that very bad man. So we shall see. I think it is doable.

Cynthia Erivo as Harriet Tubman

Speaking of the Fugitive Slave Act, we watched Harriet last night on HBO. The gal who played Harriet Tubman is called Cynthia Erivo, a British actress. She was great, but I knew I’d seen her somewhere else. I looked her up on IMDB.com and realized she was Holly Gibney in The Outsider on HBO. She was the best thing about that show, which frankly was quite mediocre. The critics found the plot of Harriet predictable, which it decidedly was. But she is a stellar performer, and undoubtedly will have lots more work in the future – in all kinds of roles. Why do I say that? Because Harriet made its budget back and then some – by a factor of 3. That’s what it takes to make more movies that are allegedly aimed at a demographic or an ethnic group. That’s a shame that we have to categorize films that way. Either the writing and acting are good, the sets look genuine and the editing works. Or not. Shouldn’t matter what ethnicity or age the characters are. Or even if they’re real or fictional. A good story is a good story. Nuff on that.

Mexican Beans

We went to Vero last night and had a picnic with Pat & Tom & Bob & Susan. We had a great time, the weather cooperated and it was good to see my friends again. I took Mexican Beans, a recipe I got from Milk Street and everybody – including me – liked the dish. It was a lot of work, but worth it.

Next week I’m going to start getting the materials together to do the spare room. We need it done by the end of the month as Ray & LeeAnn will likely stay with us a few days before they venture north. They sold their North Palm house, so it’s back to Atlanta for them. Hopefully they’ll sell that and do something with the North Carolina house so they can move back down here for good. Ray is my writing buddy, and he’s been great for giving me ideas. I hope I do the same for him.

Drive by Testing – will it continue if there’s no more money?

Over 60,000 cases today, and as usual, we’re number 1 in cases but not in deaths. However, I’ve noticed a trend of few deaths reported on Sundays. So if there’s a big spike tomorrow, it’ll likely be because people who report these stats took Sunday off. God bless ’em – they deserve a day off. But we shouldn’t take a day off from being careful. Kirsten and Craig’s tests both came back negative. That’s good – so far.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen is 94% and my heartbeat is 84 bpm. That’s a bit higher than normal. Have to keep an eye on that.

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