Still Watchin’ Baseball

Nah, not continuously since yesterday..just since about 5 when I watched Oakland play the Angels. They won..8 to 4, so they’re 4 1/2 games ahead of the Rangers and 5 games ahead of Houston in the AL West. Now I’m watching the Marlins, ahead by 3 in the second inning. They lost last night, as usual with a quality pitcher shortage. Need those guys out sick with the Cvirus back to fill in.

Female/Male Images

Wrote another Chapter today in The Reconvening..I’m exploring some issues regarding gender, something I’ve not done before. It makes sense, given my own exploration of the male and female elements of my psyche through character was and is biologically female, but after being attacked multiple times by the marauders as a teenager, she decided to take on the appearance of a male, primarily for protection. Now she/he is very masculine in her behavior, fulfilling expectations of her followers who consider him/her to be a God. Not a goddess. The followers are unaware of her true self, something she has committed murder to ensure. It’s quite interesting to be thinking about and writing on this topic.

Blogging while watching baseball is kinda fun..the iPad isn’t as easy to manipulate with pictures and formatting, so that’s the trade off. I’m having to add the pictures after the fact. But at least I’m back, talkin’ to ya..but not talkin’ about politics, economics or public health..mad, sad and crazy..must be avoided.

Both the Marlins and the Athletics won. Yay!

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