Lots to talk about today, having saved up for three whole days. Inspiration sometimes takes a little while to rise.

On Wednesday, I watched the webinar entitled Survivors of Coronavirus May Hold the Secret to Stopping Covid-19. However, his presentation wasn’t really about using affected people’s plasma directly. It was another take on Scripps’ work developing what they refer to as monoclonal antibodies in the lab.

The first part of the presentation was about the Cvirus itself, and how it works. We’ve seen that already, so move on. Then he described the body’s reaction to the virus. This was the slide he used.

The way the body fights the virus: first T cells, then binding antibodies, then finally neutralizing antibodies, which actually do the work

Antibody tests detect the binding antibody, rather than the neutralizing. As a result, there’s no way to tell how effect human’s antibodies are from their plasma to help other infected people. That was it. Move on to other topics. And here I thought we were going to talk about the effectiveness of that plasma as a treatment – just because that’s what the title implied. Nope.

Next he talked about all the different types of vaccines being developed. Here’s that illustration:

An Illustration of the Different Types of Vaccines being developed

None of these is how Scripps intends to pursue a treatment for SARS-2. Instead, they will take antibodies from humans that have been infected, define the ‘shape’ of the key part of the S protein, replicate that shape in the lab, inject it into other humans and watch which they develop antibodies. Using the lab gets at the need for billions of doses of this treatment, instead of taking it straight from the human donor.

But then again, we’re still stuck with the time frame: 12-18 months, and that’s if everything goes well. You and I both know things are not and probably will not go well in the near future. I’m suggesting third quarter of 2022 before we will have this treatment available on a widespread basis. They’ll work with health care workers first. Why? Because the results are terrible and we need those health care workers.

Yesterday, according to Worldometer, there were over 28,000 new cases and 1400 deaths in the US. So, you say, that’s not all that different. Actually, it is. Where prior to this, 80% of the cases were occurring in 20% of the states, now they’re spread out all over the country. As we ‘open’ more states, more cases of Cvirus are being developed. As of 2:30 today, we are seeing nearly 12,000 new cases. Here’s what I find fascinating. Each day, if you divide the total number of deaths by the total number of cases in the US, you get a fairly consistent 6%. Yesterday was 96354/1620902 = 5.94%. It is fairly constant, which says to me that the death rate is remaining consistent. Alternatively, if you look at the closed cases, the ratio of recovered to dead is 80%/20%. In Italy, for most of the most difficult time for them, that ratio was 60%/40%. Now Italy is 99% recovered/1% dead. What does that tell me? The Cvirus has run its course in Italy, and moved on to other shores to infect you and me. While it was there, Italy had a death rate of 539/million population. We are currently at 294 per million. Assuming the virus behaves here as it behaved there, we will see over 172,000 people lose their lives. Right now, we’re at 97,102. So we’re likely about half done with this pandemic before it exhausts all its hosts.

Those are rather sobering numbers. But what’s the takeaway? Continue to self-isolate. Eat right and get enough sleep. Wash your hands. Take your temperature and get one of those oximeters that snaps on your middle finger of your left hand. It measures your blood oxygen and heartbeats. According to Dr. Eric Topol, your heartbeat increases before you even get a fever. Early detection and treatment is often the key to survival if you should get it.

We need some kind of logo – maybe like this, but with Jupiter instead of earth in the background

Other news? Ray contacted our old writing group. The person he emailed did not recognize his name. We went there at least 4 times, and everybody loved Ray’s work. Our conclusion? We should start our own writers’ group right here in Jupiter. Name? Jupiter Writer’s Guild/Wranglin’ Writers. I like it. Guild implies professionalism; no rank amateurs we. And Wranglin’ Writers is intended to convey that we engage in long, complicated disputes or arguments. No superficial writers, we. Very cool. I’ve even had business cards make up to reflect that. Can’t wait to start handing them out.

Finally, I did as I said I was going to, and contacted my therapist for a Zoom session. We did that yesterday, and it was good – maybe better than in person. We’ll have another session next week and likely for the duration. Why go out if you can Zoom in?

I love it. My temperature is 98.1° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 85 bpm. Still alive.


The Dow was off 390 points today because of the testimony of Jerome Powell and Steve Mnuchin. What did they say that was so bad? It wasn’t what they said: it was the fact that they fundamentally disagreed about how to fix the damage done to the economy.

Mnuchin says open everything up and the economy will be self-healing. Powell says until physical health is restored (i.e. with a vaccine), economic health will continue to suffer. I think Powell is right. We’ll open everything up and then by the end of the summer and a couple hundred thousand deaths, we’ll have to button it down again. In 2008, Bernanke, Paulsen and Geitner all sang from the same hymnal. The government didn’t do nearly enough, but their leadership helped restore confidence. This government has provided no confidence whatsoever, except to a crazy few. As a result, we’ll be further along on the road to disaster.

How about this for a diagram?

Where are we on this curve?

I’d argue we’re at the top of the S curve and on our way down. How long will it be before the economy collapses? According to my projections, we’re probably looking at around another 8 years. Climate change will exacerbate our already difficult time from the Cvirus. Mounting expenses from the impact of those things on insurance costs will likely bankrupt nearly all. Alternatively, the impact will cause premiums to rise to the point where they’ll be all we can afford. People will drop their insurance and suffer the consequences.

What happens to those of us on Social Security? We are left like Russian retirees after Russia defaulted on its debt in the early 90’s. We will go broke and then we’ll go hungry. How to prepare? First of all, don’t pay off your debts because after inflation kicks in, your debts denominated in dollars will be worthless. What is inflation? Even Emily knows: too many dollars chasing too few goods. So own a house, or two houses, even with mortgages. If we all go broke at the same time, who will want to take back your house that nobody else can afford to buy? Grow a garden and have a breeding pair of pigs and some chickens. That way you’ll have eggs and meat. 2028 isn’t that far away. In 2028, I’ll be 78; Erik will be 82. I’m pretty sure we’ll still be around, unless this or another virus gets us. Life is tough, and it’ll get tougher. You need to get tough too.

My temperature is 98.0° F. My blood oxygen is 98% and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. I aint’ dead yet!


Today is Monday, and it rained most of the day. The so-called ‘hurricane’ season apparently has already begun, because Tropical Storm Arthur is currently off the coast of North Carolina, and then out to sea. In the future, the hurricane season will start in January and end in December. Climate change. Sigh.

Now I know where everything is – except the spices that didn’t fit on the rack, in a box next to the rack – details, details

What did I accomplish today? I put my spices on the rack behind the dining room table, in alphabetical order. Tomorrow I’ll organize my cookbooks, also in alpha order. Now you have to admit, that is the kind of activity that naturally belongs in the midst of a pandemic. When would I have bothered with either of those before? Never.

Aunt Jopie had to put her cat Ivy down today. Ivy was 20 years old, she was deaf and lately seemed to have lost control of her bladder. I know what a difficult decision that was, but it was the right thing to do. One of the reasons I hesitate to get another pet is because it’s so painful when they die. I know the hours of love and affection you get from that pet more than makes up for the pain, but still..I can only imagine how she’s feeling tonight. Jopie, if you’re reading this, you are very much in my thoughts. Rest in peace in cat heaven, Ivy, and with your hearing restored.

Everything was supposed to open up today here in Palm Beach County. But the library isn’t open, so I can’t return Kiernan’s DVDs and my copy of Crazy Horse & Custer, which I did finish. I barely started on a book I got from interlibrary loan dealing with ships and navies from World War II. I read a review of the book in LRB, and I had a sense the review was better than the book. After reading half a chapter, I quickly became convinced that was correct. It’ll go back to LSU’s library without much perusal as soon as the library resumes operations. I can hope that is soon.

I still need to set up a routine for exercising. I’ll find a video from Silver Sneakers and start slowly, since I am now soooo out of shape. But my right knee – the one I twisted badly when I tripped on the concrete driveway in Tallahassee – is giving me trouble. I need to build up those muscles, as well as my thigh muscles for the sake of my balance. Otherwise, I’m liable to fall again, which is never good. It is my greatest fear.

Time to Start Writing What Needs to be Written

I think it’s time to contact Elaine and go back to therapy sessions. I miss talking with her, and I want to go back to making progress in dealing with my childhood issues. I had a big assignment going into the pandemic shutdown, and I haven’t done it yet. I have outlined it, but outlining and writing emotional prose are very different. I’m just not confident enough to do it without knowing she’ll be there to hold my hand. It’s essential.

Nothing more to report. My temperature is 98.1° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 76 bpm. Tomorrow I’ll update you on the insights I gain from putting my cookbooks neatly on the shelf in alpha order. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Sigh.


We did gather as a family, and it was lovely. Robin & Colter have a new (used) car, a VW GTI that makes them happy – even Kiernan likes it. She says she enjoys driving the car, and at the advanced age of 7, I’m sure she is most qualified to do so. Both Lee Ann and Emily stayed home; Lee Ann wasn’t feeling well and Emily, well Emily never likes to socialize. So be it.

120,000 is a big number

The world will achieve a new milestone in a few days: 5 million cases of Cvirus. Over 316 thousand people worldwide have died. That’s a death rate of 6.5 percent. The death rate from influenza in the recent past is 0.5%. That makes SARS-2 13 times more deadly than yearly flu. Yet, the country is opening up everywhere. People will go back to restaurants, gyms and other places where people gather. The death rate will most likely continue on its present course. In the US, that’s 6 percent. Assuming we continue to see this death rate, we should hit the 2 million cases mark by the middle of June with a total of about 120,000 deaths. I would prefer that neither I nor anyone I love be included in any of those statistics.

Dictators – who needs ’em?

So what can we do? We can continue to self-isolate. We can stick with wearing a mask and shopping as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize time and contact with others. We can continue to eat right, get enough rest and stay mentally fit (that’s the hardest part). Russia is now second to the US in cases, but they have to work much harder to match our death rate. But they seem to be willing to give it the old college try. They’ve averaging over 10 thousand cases a day, so it appears they have a big problem with Cvirus. They are right next to China geographically, and their leadership has done as poor a job of coping with this pandemic as ours has. Brazil is working hard to achieve high numbers too. Bolsonaro has been revealed to be useless. Gosh, what a surprise! Pandemics generally do rip the mask off the old Lone Ranger, as it’s hard to spin critical illness and death. The world will certainly be different if and when all this is over.

Most Appropriate Depiction

Then there’s the economy. With government assistance we can limp along for a few more weeks, but the money allocated for individuals and small business is likely long since spent. They’re going to have to allocate more, the Republicans’ hesitatation notwithstanding. Have they forgotten there’s an election in – scroll up to post heading – in 169 days? They must have, or they still labor under the illusion that the ‘base’ thinks fiscal conservatism is a good idea at the moment. If they continue to behave this way, there will likely be a serious rout of Republican senators and congressmen/women sitting in those seats in D.C. Gosh – woudn’t that be a pity?

But then, even with control over both houses of Congress and the White House, the Democrats can usually be relied upon to squabble amongst themselves in an attempt to be ideologically perfect. Sigh. What we need is real leadership, not dogmatic perfection.

The virus will be with us for some time to come. We must open businesses back up in order to survive, musn’t we? But what if people stop buying? Deflation is a thing, and it’s a very bad thing. If I expect goods to be cheaper next week, and I have the flexibility to wait, I will wait. This is more perception than reality. But we Likely need to be prepared for at least an 18 month struggle to return to any degree of what used to be called normalcy. It will never be normal again. You can count on that.

My temperature is 97.8° F. My blood oxygen is 96% and my heartbeat is 85 bpm.


Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64? Sixty fourth day of self-isolation. It will not end anytime soon, so I’m not even sure why I’m counting anymore. Guess it’s a habit now.

The truly difficult ones are on Saturday – Sundays are just bigger

Today is Saturday. I have to say it to myself, because if I don’t, I’m not entirely sure what day it is. Back in the day, pre-virus, I could tell what day it was by the difficulty of the NY Times crossword puzzle. Let you in on a little secret: Saturday puzzles are generally harder than Sunday’s, contrary to popular opinion. Sundays are just bigger. I finished last Sundays in 22 minutes and some seconds, a new record. That was doing it online.

I finished all ten episodes of Upload. It gets a little darker at the end. As is typical of Greg Daniels, he’s got a rather cynical outlook on life, given his television productions. But by Episode 10 of Upload, you’re beginning to see his dark side emerge. There’s a plot within the plot, relative to how Nathan, the main character, died. It’s a bit of a distraction in the beginning, but as the plot unfolds, it begins to dominate the story. Nathan also begins to become a better person in the afterlife, regretting some inapt behaviors when he was alive. Episode 10 ends with what isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but you can tell there’s going to be a Season 2. There will be.

Endangered Species

Went to the grocery store today. There is plenty of meat, chicken, seafood – all good. The only items still missing are paper products. Very strange. It would appear you have to go first thing in the morning to snag some. Maybe people are still hoarding or maybe they’re selling it at a premium on Ebay or Amazon. Anyway, we have enough to last us for a while, given there are only two of us in the house. John is in the cottage and has his own stash. My, how the little things have become so important these days.

I bought a bottle of champagne and Erik snagged some of that good orange juice called Natalie’s on a store revisit. Tomorrow, when la familia gathers, we’ll have nice mimosas.with the combination of alcohol and citrus. Also got chips & salsa, and maybe I’ll make something up fresh. It’ll be nice to talk to somebody other than my Ipad.

Goodbye, Silver Sneakers

I cancelled my gym membership. Can’t see paying $32 a month and not being able to go. Maybe after there’s a vaccine, or they start holding the classes outside. But no indication of that .. at least not yet. My friend Bobbi is concocting a plan to walk around the parking lot at our favorite Chinese restaurant (if they’re still in business) and then get the take out and eat it in our cars. That part I’m not too keen on, but hey – it’s a start. We’ll figure something out. I find if I spend too much time in the house, my allergies start to act up. Guess it’s the dust or maybe mold from all those hurricanes in years past. Anyway, walking is healthy and we need to get started doing it.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen is 96 and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. All is well. Carry on or out.


I started watching Upload last night on Amazon Prime. It’s a Greg Daniels piece, which was an encouraging note as he was an early Simpsons writer as well as many other shows that are pretty good. This one is set in the future, when souls can be uploaded to a heaven of sorts, run by “Horizen”, a riff on Verizon network. I got through about 4 or 5 episodes. It’s actually pretty good!

A cute show with lots of similarities to my Matryoshka series, but with lots more humor

You have to pay close attention, because he sneaks in a lot of subtle stuff, as well as lampooning future Millennials and the continued superficiality of their predecessors. The hero ends up in this resort of sorts, and isn’t too happy about it. His girlfriend on earth controls all his expenditures, and there are hints that she put him there in order to keep him under her thumb. Of course, he falls in love with his ‘angel’, i.e. his network support person who is there to fulfill his every wish. There are other characters, some better than others. It is worthwhile watching, as it’s diversionary and nowhere is the Cvirus, pandemic or antibody tests mentioned. That alone makes the series worthwhile.

Wedgwood’s Runnymede Dark Blue china. Just love it and I got it for a really good price

Oil prices are gradually increasing, at least temporarily. We’re in the mid to high twenties, which is half what companies and countries need to justify the cost of pumping the goo out of the ground. Retail sales, of course, plunged hugely last month. Anyone surprised by this fact must have been in a coma for the past six weeks. Only grocery stores and Amazon seem to be doing well. I’ve been doing quite a bit of online shopping myself. I got a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom, a couple copper pots, one for me and one for Robin, and a red oriental lamp for Emily’s room at the apartment. I also snagged a Runnymede Dark Blue 5 piece place setting for less than half what I paid for one in about 1985 when the value of the pound dropped to the equivalent of $1.11. The pound is worth $1.21 at the moment. Anyway, we had a mishap a few years ago with the china hutch, and I lost a few pieces. This almost puts me whole, but at least gives me a nice teacup to drink from. I do love Wedgewood! Recall Runnymede was where King John signed the Magna Carta…just a factoid I thought you should recall..ahem.

See, I’m beginning to cheer up. Why? I have accepted our fate, that we will be unable to go anywhere or do anything likely until the fall. I’m also betting school won’t open in the fall, so Emily may be doing online work until she can get her GED and go to the local what used to be called community college. She says she’s interested in nursing..we’ll see when the time comes. I suggested she get some kind of certificate so she can dip her toe in, rather than go whole hog into health care. You know, like radiography or inhalation therapy – one of those things you go to school for two semesters for and then go right to work in that field. We shall see..everything is different from when I was young, so what do I know?

Good food and wine – just what we all need

I hope we can gather familially on Sunday to talk and eat and drink wine. That was such a nice diversion two weeks ago…it needs to happen again. Looking forward to reading Ray’s next installment of The Chronicles of Northwest Nowhere. They are superb!

My temperature is 98.2° F. My blood oxygen is 97 and my heartbeat is 76 bpm. All is well for now.


Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears
While we all sup sorrow with the poor
There’s a song that will linger forever in our ears
Oh, hard times, come again no more

The first verse of Stephen Foster’s Hard Times. Well, we’ve been paused from life’s pleasures for 62 days now, and instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I hear the train whistle.

One of the Greatest and Most Depressing Books Ever Written..oddly funny

Having not written for five days, it occurred to me yesterday after Ray inquired as to my absence that I was in a deep funk. Why? Because it feels so hopeless. The government is powerless to agree on anything that might help this country get through these hard times. People I care about deeply are getting sick. Sick from lots of things. Others I love are being directed to interact with people who have tested positive for the virus in order to do their jobs. That means they’ll give it to someone older and frailer. And so it goes. Maybe Kurt Vonnegut was right when he wrote his stories about Dresden, Tralfamadore, Kilgore Trout and Rabo Karabekian (great name, you have to admit). There is no hope and we might as well crawl into a hole and die.

Beautiful beginning to this song

Do I feel any better writing that? A little. I turned our Alexa on again, as she’d been disconnected from the internet ever since we changed routers. It occurred to me I’ve been missing the music she provides when I do the dishes. It’s not that I necessarily mind doing dishes. I just like the distraction of singing along with a good song. Like Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd or The Last Time by the Rolling Stones. That makes the task go faster and with less annoyance.

There is no news fit to report. I watched Nova about the Cvirus, and the ‘new’ things they talked about are all pie in the sky when you die stuff. Nothing is ready for use by humans, so lots of folks will die before it comes out. The WHO (not Roger and Pete, but that Irish guy with the bad haircut) says the virus will be with us always and we’d just better go ahead and die if we’re old. OK, I’m paraphrasing, but geez!

Another Depressing Book

So if school doesn’t open in September because of the virus, what will parents do that would like to go back to work? There are just so many grandparents to go around, and maybe that’s not such a great idea anyway. The new unemployment number will be out in three minutes as I write this at 8:27 am. The expectation is another 2.5 million. And the Republicans in the Senate are dithering on additional relief. What the hell are they waiting for – Godot? God is laughing at us. We had it so good for so long, and now that we are in trouble, there’s nobody there to help. Read the book of Job again..it was like an “Oh yeah?” battle between God and the devil. These days I don’t see any difference between them.

OK, I guess I don’t have it all off my chest. I have canned goods to donate, and apparently nowhere to take them. Meat packing plants are closed, so pigs will be gassed because there’s nowhere to put them. Oil prices are likely to go negative again at the end of this month because of lack of storage again. And what’s the bright spot on the horizon? Again, I think I see the steam and hear the whistle.

Erik keeps saying this too will pass, but to be replaced by…what? It’s not that I’m afraid to get the Cvirus and die..it’d just be embarrassing that I wasn’t careful enough. So going back to the gym is impossible, and I really miss it and the gals I worked out with. But if I get it, might I give it to Kiernan with her bad heart? Or Erik with his bad lungs? Yes, exactly. So clearly I have to find something to distract myself with.

A Scene Being Played Out Again all across the Country while the new Herbert Hoover says let ’em eat cake

OK, the numbers are out and another 3 million filed for unemployment. So we’re up to 36 million souls without a job. That’s 24%. We’re well on our way to achieving a significant milestone: topping the unemployment numbers from the Depression. And we all know what came after the Depression, likely because of the Depression. Yes indeed, war be a comin’..cyberwar. Can’t wait to see the trailer for that one.

OK, I’m done now. Inflicted enough pain. Maybe I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow. Yes, I’ll try to stay with it..it really does help.


Today I went in search of sugar cubes. No, we are not dropping acid. We all use sugar cubes in our morning coffee. Really. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Scarce as hen’s teeth!

Anyway, there were none to be found anywhere. I had to order them from Amazon at twice the normal price. I’m beginning to wonder about price gouging. I think it’s going on. But how did Domino sugar know that we couldn’t live without our sugar cubes? Oh yeah, everybody knows everything about all of us because of Alexa. I dare not say her name out loud. She’ll tell White Lily that I’ve been hoarding a 5 pound bag of unbleached flour. If word got out, there’d be a mob at the door, demanding enough to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, I bought a box from Fresh Market. They were dreadful. I believe I’ll have to make some myself.

Good for Muscle Aches – helps you sleep too

I talked with my friend Carol today. It seems like she’s doing a little better, but her neck is stiff and sore from it being held in an awkward position in the ICU. She’s using some Australian dream cream (?) to try to make it better. From what I’ve seen on line, that’s good for joints, but nothing about sore muscles. I’m sure CBD cream would work miracles, but I dasn’t say anything…she wouldn’t appreciate it.

My left eye is giving me trouble. I fear I’ve returned to my teenage years with a recurrence of herpes ocularis from eyestrain. No doubt I’ve gone too long without having my glasses prescription changed, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading these last 57 days. But at the moment it’s just sore to the touch and has a slight discharge. Maybe it’s just dust from cleaning off the level and blowing cobwebs in my eyes and lungs. Here’s hoping. Treating herpes ocularis is a pain in the butt, not to mention sleep. It requires treatment in the middle of the night. Fingers crossed that I don’t have that.

A Lousy Way to Go

God it’s awful getting old. Statistics about the Cvirus indicate a whole bunch of deaths in this country – and likely other countries as well – came from old folks in nursing homes. Makes sense that it would be that way: underlying conditions and no social distancing. But can’t nature just leave those old folks alone to die naturally? Ma should be glad she went that way without having to deal with intubation and cytokine storms. That’s a terrible way to go.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. The gym can’t open Monday…false alarm. Too many deaths in Palm Beach County to qualify. How many nursing home people go to the gym? Oh, maybe the workers…here we go again..never mind.

My temperature is 97.9° F. My blood oxygen level is 97 and my heartbeat is 79 bpm. How about that: all 9s and 7s. Weird. Oh Well…


Thank God it’s Friday? Why? It’s just like any other day, these days. But hope is on the way. Supposedly, gyms can open up starting Monday. The question is: should we stay or should we go?

Lack of exercise is bad for the body. Getting Cvirus is really bad for the body. The incidence of illnesses in Jupiter is low. It only takes contact with one person who has it to get it. Not going outside and doing things is messin’ with my brain. My brain will likely get a blood clot if I get the virus. Oh good grief, what to do, what to do? I’ll think about that on Monday if, in fact, the gym opens up.

I need to get my vision checked. I need to get a measles shot. I need to make sure my friend Carol is doing OK. I need to start writing Chapter 1 of The Recombining. I need to clean out my freezer. I need to..need to…need to…oh good grief! The less I do, the less I get done. I think it’s time to go back to the gym and be reaalllyy careful. Fair compromise? We’ll see.

The alternative is to never leave the house. What good is that? Never leaving the house is equivalent to being on house arrest for a crime I did not commit. Waiting for a vaccine that will work for us oldsters could mean another year or longer. But the idea of getting the virus is also terrifying. Geez! This is awful.

I think I’m going to give this a rest. It’s making me crazy. I do not want to be crazy. I want to go back to the gym, but not get Cvirus. Is that too much to ask, I ask you?


I did catch up with the video of the second Scripps webinar about repurposed drugs by Dr. Chattergee. I got through about 12 minutes of it, and had to turn it off. It was more about process than results, so what’s the point? Actually, it was sort of a commercial for Scripps. No thank you.

The last one I want to hang

Mostly I’ve been hanging pictures in the writing room today. I hate hanging pictures. It requires precision and a good memory (how many times did I have to remeasure that last one?) But I got done what I wanted to get done. The main one missing is my Basquiat, which is on its way. After I hang that one, I’ll stop until inspirations hanging any more until inspiration strikes. I don’t like too much on the walls.

There is so much contrariness on television, even on the PBS Newshour. Judy had two guys on to discuss the dismissal of the Michael Flynn case. Instead of being objective, they were clearly on the blue versus red, no-Trump versus Trump that it was most disheartening. The guy did what he was accused of. Having said that, was what he did bad enough to merit going to prison? Doesn’t it really boil down to that? I think so, and what do I know? Seems very straightforward to me. But everything is politicized now. Don’t we realize the world is going down the tubes to oblivion? Apparently not. We’re still arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Makes no sense to me.

Meat Shortage? Is it real or not?

What we need right now is leadership, common sense and clear perspective, devoid of political bent. More people will die of this bloody virus because we lack those three things. All I can hope is that neither I nor anyone I care about gets included in that statistic. But whether they do or not, is there anything we can do to get back to some degree of reason? I think that’s the question every citizen of the world needs to be asking, of themselves and their government. If nothing changes, why wouldn’t there be some kind of global uprising, spurred by fear, anger and desperation? People who lose their jobs lose their health insurance in the middle of a pandemic. Does that make sense? There’s now a shortage of freezers, as families prepare to buy meat in bulk in anticipation of shortages. Was this driven by media stories, or is it real? Is there any way to tell? If toilet paper is still not available after fifty five days of self-isolation, what does that tell you? Change gwana come, but I’m not sure it’s the change anybody really wants or needs.

Blame Me for All This Trouble

I am tired of this routine, but I’m afraid to change it. Is that a definition of agoraphobia? Maybe. Is it legit? Maybe. Who knows? People keep asking me if I know anybody that has even caught the virus. I do not, in spite of some previous scares. So does that mean it isn’t real? Who knows? I don’t know that I believe the statistics any more. The government says hospitals are naming Cvirus as a cause of death to get reimbursed. Articles in popular media claim additional cases have gone unreported because they occurred in nursing homes and haven’t been discovered yet. Wow. When we can no longer trust the information we are getting from any source, we’re in serious trouble. I know. I wrote a five book series on this very topic. Again I say, sorry…didn’t meant to unleash this genie.

That’s all for now. My temperature is 98.0° F. My blood oxygen reading is 93. My pulse is 93 bpm.