Emily’s Writing

Hi, I Am Emily Collins,Im 10 years old, I live in Jupiter FL And live with my mom and step dad. I have two great danes a girl and a boy, the girls name is Nala like Nala from the Lion King. And my boy dog is named Duke like the movie name Marmaduke. They love to play rough outside with my dad and I and they have a thing for protecting me like for example: One time i was sleeping in my room and Duke and Nala came in and Nala layed down near my outdoor and Duke hanged out by my door and whenever someone came they would bark and protect me, I Think its cute. I write many stories and imagine them. I made one story on my grandmother’s IPad the story was called The Order Of Valteel. It was a kinda sequel from a movie I watched called Silent Hill: Revelation It was about a girl named Sharon and her nightmares were coming to life. I haven’t finished the story yet im still working on it. Anyways, lets get to the good parts, So someday when i become older i want to become a book publisher and publish books all over the world! Someday I will. My grandma as you can see has written a story a virtual world story and she will be creating about 4-5 books of this story. The chapters will go on more and more until the full collection of books are finished. My grandmother always told me that i was very mature for a 10 year old. I always thought i had amazing thoughts going around in my mind swirling some other places in my mind to. I mostly play games and go outside, for instance I sometimes go on the computer and play Minecraft, You probably don’t know what this is but that’s ok. I have a best friend named Makenna and she is the same age as me, we knew each other since the kindergarten times. Were still BFF’s , Because we litterly live right next to each other. Well, thats all i really have to say right now on this chapter. I will be also making another chapter called The New Sequel about virtual reality.
PS: This is Emily making this chapter, Bye!

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