Music Starts. Song is Tune of Imagine without the Lyrics. The Curtain Opens and the Oracle is sitting on the edge of the stage. She has a cardboard sign hanging around her neck that says “Oracle”. She looks out over the audience, and counts slowly to herself to the number 5. Then she speaks:

ORACLE: “…My job as the Oracle is to be the voice of the Gods. But there are no more Gods. Only men and women…(pause) and children (childlike smile). This modern world is fraught with the pain of everyday living. The only thing that keeps us going is (pause) the family. There are lots of families in this world – happy ones and unhappy ones. Tonight you will meet a family that’s happy – for now. But this modern world is catching up with them – quickly catching up with them. Just as the sea of humanity on this earth is catching up with all the other little creatures of the earth. But as Albert Einstein taught us, “Everything is relative”. The problems that concern you today might be trivial tomorrow – and the things we take for granted might go away – and be sorely missed. Let’s start this, but don’t worry – I’ll be back (with a tone like Carol Ann’s in Poltergeist).

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