Yellow Glasses are Watching You, Ab

Abby rolled over on her right side, seeing daylight coming through the windowwindow. She hoped it wasn’t time to get up for school, because she was still tired. As she began to close her eyes, the light from the window bothered her. She rolled over to her left side. To her surprise, there was a abbys imaginary friend2girl standing there, looking intently at her. Abby sat straight up in her bed.

“Who are you?”

The girl replied, “Where I come from, I’m called The Princess Formerly known as Abigail. I’m also called Princess Yellow Glasses, but only to my friends. Who are you – and how did I get here?”

Abby looked intently at the little girl. Except for the yellow glasses, it was like looking in the mirror. This girl could be her twin sister!

Abby said, “You said where you come from…where do you live?”

The girl was looking around the room, and was in the process of walking over to the window to look out when she replied. “I come from town picAbbeville – that’s why my name is The Princess Formerly known as Abigail. Nobody except the other princess is allowed to be named Abigail.”

Abby said, “But that’s me! The foxfox told me the story of how the king and queen switched me and the other baby when I was born. You must be that other baby, uh girl! We sure do look a lot alike. But what can I call you? Your name is too long!”

The girl replied, “Oh, just call me pigpig.”

Abby said, “Pig? Like oink…oink…pig?”

The girl frowned. “No, silly, PEE WHY GEE…for Princess Yellow Glasses. Pyg.”

Abby laughed. “OK, pig…how did you leave Abbeville? Did the portal open by itself?”

PYG said, “Portal? What’s a portal? I don’t understand what you’re saying. I was walking in a



meadow, minding my own business, when I met a girl sitting under a tree, eating an apple. She said her name was Nikon pictures 065Emily. Then she got this funny look on her face and asked me if I’d like an adventure. I said sure, and the next thing I knew, she was doing something on a folder in her lap. I looked around and there was this glow! I touched it, and the next thing I knew, I was here in this room. A lovely woman with IMG_0285red hair was just leaving. She was saying something like, “Where is that laptop? Isn’t a lap top where you put your ice cream bowl when you’re reading a book?”

Abby laughed. “A laptop is a portable computer. And the portal opens when somebody is looking for something. Emily drew the door to my closet in RobloxRoblox and you walked through the portal.”

PYG looked very confused. “Portable computer? Portal? I have no idea what you’re talking about. But anyway, I’m here now – what do I do now? If I stay away too long, I’ll get in trouble – by this afternoon, my mother will be looking for me to help her make our meal.”

Abby said, “Oh, that’s easy – you just look for something and then the portal will open – you can go back any time and you don’t even need Emily’s help. But my mother will be looking for me soon to go to school. So can you stay a while and maybe go with me to school? That would be fun! I could introduce you to my classmates as my long lost sister!”

PYG replied, “Yes, I guess so. But how are you going to explain me to your mother?”

That made Abby stop and think. Then she had an idea. “I’ll hide you under a blanket in the car. When we get to school, I’ll distract my mother after I open the door. You can get out, without her seeing you. Okay?”

So Abby and PYG used her plan to smuggle her new friend into school. When they got to her class, everybody crowded around her. Everyone said, “You two look just abby at the restaurantabbys imaginary friend2alike except for your glasses. Are you sisters?”

Abby and PYG just smiled and together said, “Yes.” Abby introduced her new friend to her teacher, who agreed they could be twins. At lunch, Abby shared her pizzapizza with PYG, and they played together on the playground after lunch. Then it was time for Abby to go home. Today she was supposed to ride the bus to her Dad’s house. Abby got on first, and sat down. Then PYG got on, so the bus driver wouldn’t notice there were two Abbys! They rode the busbus home. Abby’s Dad was there at the bus stop to meet her. Abby and PYG got off the bus. Abby’s Dad was very surprised to see PYG.

“Who is your friend, Abby?”

Abby replied, “Daddy, this is PYG – not oink oink pig, but Pee Why Gee stands for Princess Yellow Glasses. She’s your real daughter! I was the king and queenking and queen’s daughter, but they switched PYG and me at birth so she’d be safe from the trouble that was brewing in Abbeville. She made it through the portal in my closet with Emily’s help. I hid her in the car so Mom wouldn’t see her. Then we went to school together. Isn’t that fun?”

Abby’s Dad looked closely at PYG.

“That is really amazing – the two of you look almost identical. But Abby, you shouldn’t make up stories about portals and babies being switched at birth. Someone might take you seriously, and you might get yourself and your friend into trouble.”

Abby and PYG just nodded and smiled. That afternoon, Abby’s grandmother came home. Abby introduced her to PYG, but didn’t tell her the story about the babies being switched or about the trouble in Abbeville. She just said she was her friend.

Abby’s Grandma said, “Well, you two sure do look a lot alike. And you say her name is pig? What a strange name to give a sweet little girl like her.”

Abby and PYG just laughed.

When her mother came to pick her up, there was no way to hide PYG. Abby had to tell her the story, reminding her that she’d already told it to her the last time she went to Abbeville. Her mother just stared at PYG in wide-eyed amazement.

“So Abby, this whole time you’ve been telling me these stories, they really were true?”

“Yes, Mom – they are true! See, PYG being here is proof that I’ve been telling you the truth.”

After they had a nice dinner together, Abby took her mother and PYG into her room.

“You have to be looking for something for the portal to open. Mom – did you find the laptoplaptop?”

Her mother replied, “No, actually, I didn’t. Do you know where it is?”

The three of them got down on hands and knees to look for the laptop. Abby found it under her bed. Just then they saw the glow from under the closet door.

“Okay, PYG, you can go back to Abbeville now. The portal is open.”

Abby opened the closet door, and PYG stepped in. Two seconds later, she was gone. The portal closed, and everything was quiet again.

Abby’s mother said, “This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! First thing tomorrow, I’m calling the landlord to have him boarded up closetboard up this closet!”

Abby howled. “Mom – no! I like my adventures in Abbeville, and if you do that, PYG can never come visit again. Please – don’t make that call. I like her, and she is your real daughter, after all.”

Her mother said, “Well, I don’t know about this. Maybe next time I’ll go with you to Abbeville and see what this is all about.”

Abby replied, “Okay, Mom. We’ll go together. But right now I need to take a bathtub girlbath. I’m hot and sweaty, and getting really tired. But believe me, you’ll like Abbeville – it’s beautiful! And of course, since I’m a princessprincess there, I’ll be able to take you to the castle to meet the king and queen. Would you like that?”

But her mother had left to see about doing the dishes. Abby went to take a bath, thinking about what she would say when she met her real parents for the first time.

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