Chapter 5: While

On a hunch – with no evidence to back it up – the girl consults the obituaries on-line for the Sentinel. Sure enough, two days’ before, Elizabeth Stride, age 89 of the not-too-pleasant section of Orlando was listed as a death. She googled the woman’s name, but there was no article about her. She found a telephone number for Elizabeth, and dialed it. A man answered the phone. She identified herself, saying she thought she might know something about how Elizabeth was murdered. The man was quiet on the other end. Murdered? Why do you think Mother Elizabeth was murdered? The girl asked, “How did she die?” The man replied, “Who are you again?” The girl said she must have made a mistake -sorry to trouble you. The man says, “Wait – Mother Elizabeth was so old, we assumed she fell and accidentally cut herself – do you think she was murdered?