My House is Definitely Haunted, Guys: This is Serious!

Ok there is a story about things in my house like ghosts. ITS DEFINITELY HAUNTED!!

So their was a time when my Aunt Kirsten was sleeping and woke up in the morning hearing someone crying thinking it was me i was about 5 years old at the time, and she was like, “Hold on Emily, im coming!” so she went to the bathroom and went to the living room and no one was there?!?! she was wondering who it was?
Well another story to entertain you! One day i was waking up and went to the bathroom then i was washing my hands and all of a sudden i saw a shadow rush past me in the hallway so I ran really fast in the living room and im like “Oh my god im scared what was that?!?!” One more story just to put hands down! Ok so one time my mom was changing my little sisters diaper her name is Kiernan by the way and she was almost finished and she saw a shadow rush by her out of her room. Now my house is definitley haunted i could make proof but i don’t know how. So my mother still has a old Ouiji Board stuck in her closet somewhere but right now she is going to get another old one from Amazon on the internet. Now we all think that their is a male entity ghost and when i was really little! i used to talk to this man ghost in the middle of the night. Well thats all for this time is you enjoyed please leave a like or comment i will see you next time! -Emily Collins writing this-
Here is a picture that resembles this statement.,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNH7Es10BfbFWGJMtY4ZAvyiOEeS_w&ust=1404923543613349 This is like what happend in the hallway with me. One more. This resembles my mom in her room changing my little sisters diaper this is not exact though! Just a resemblance.

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