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Take inspiration from Shakespeare and combine tragedy with comedy. Have multiple, intertwining plots. If the ignorant people of England in the 16th Century could understand and appreciate the complexity of his work, then the reader should be able to understand this one.

Take all the things you blog about – loves, loathes, peeves – whatever – and include them. Just as Shakespeare put politics into his plays. We’ve got to make it to England to better understand his work.

Rethink the plot – first half

Takes place now – Part 1 is conversation with Ayatollah and his advisors; Part 2 is conversation with Saudi King and his advisors; climax of first part is nuclear exchange between the two countries that renders the Middle East a dead zone.

Second half – ten years’ after

Detail the economic effects on the world, and the one family in Iowa – the Oracle. Part 1 is the script from previous written about the family; Part 2 is a coup d’etat in the US with a black president, led by an Indian guru/terrorist. The President flees the White House in a car with his family. After order is restored, he refuses to return, resigning his office in favor of the VP – a Biden-like character, which promises that the country will continue to decline until the next and final coup makes the US a dictatorship.

Suringar Singh – the terrorist/guru that leads a coup d’etat in the US against a black president ten years from now. The president flees the white house by car with his family. When order is restored, he refuses to return, putting his family ahead of the presidency, turning it over to a Biden-like VP. This bodes very ill for the US, as the military then prepares to take over again. Suringar Singh is a female, who reveals herself to the audience in the form of the Oracle. She says “Dido has, at last, defeated Rome”.

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