Dream Diary

May 4th, 2023

I was in an old building, doing something work related, tho’ no idea what work.  As our efforts progressed, a coin was added to a page.  Some coins were old and some newer.  I thought one of them was quite ancient.  Most of my thoughts were of logistics – getting back home and such.

May 5th:  Asked to describe how whatever is coming will feel, I let myself experience it.  It was a sharp pain in the head, like you would feel maybe with an electromagnetic pulse.  Or else maybe it was being shot in the head or having a stroke.  It was very short but extremely painful.  Then I dreamt I was back visiting with my old employer ‘Drost’, dead now.  Never saw him, but saw his wife – she always hated me.  She essentially interrogated me about what I’d been doing since working with him.  I said 22 years as a project engineer for companies like Procter & Gamble and Pratt Whitney.  Pratt Whitney?  Does that mean I’m merging my persona with Emily’s?  She looked skeptical.  I was apprehensive going back.

May 6th:  Back at work, this time I suppose at the SFWMD.  My coworker and I were meeting with the lawyer for Everglades Park about something.  I told her The Keys were going to explode in population, as there was only one way in and out.  She told me the park was going to develop a resort at Fowey Rock (?).  That was quite a surprise.  I was in a motel room taking a bath.  I heard my coworker outside talking to someone.

So I keep dreaming about going back to work, presumably as a project manager.  Is there something coming, or is it because I keep being solicited thru Indeed to apply for jobs?  Don’t know if they are even real or put there by AI.

The head thing was serendipitous.  Without talking to Jopie about it – she’d decided she wanted to have her brain looked at by the doctor that she saw when she last lived in Sanctuary Cove – the same place that just got trashed by the tornado.  The circle feels like it’s tightening.

May 8: The classic I’m lost and can’t find my way or communicate to those waiting for me. I was back at my high school and had been outside the classroom for some activity.  The others went in but I was delayed – something to do about laundry.  I tried to find the classroom but couldn’t.  I opened the door to a class that turned out to be full of small, black children.  I went on, but couldn’t find my way.  I started to double back to look again when the outside landmarks looked unfamliar.  I was met by the school coach, who handed me my blanket.  He said we needed to wash it together.  I realized I needed to communicate my whereabouts, but I had no phone.  Just then my phone rang.  I looked down and realized my purse was hanging on my shoulder, an old little brown suede one.  I got the phone.  The call was from the assistant principal.  He texted me but used some old app that I couldn’t figure out.  In the process I sent a reply that made it look like I’d been kidnapped. I realized my friend from the present Margie was in the class and I could just my text app to let her know I was ok and not kidnapped. Just then my history teacher whose name I didn’t remember (Mr. Shelton I called him – it was Fretwell) came by and told me he’d show me the way back to class.  As we were walking I tugged on his shirt sleeve, whispering did he know the school was segregated, based on my observation of the class of all black children.  He started to explain that they didn’t attend full time so it was essentially ok.  I was skeptical.

May 9th:  It was all about what proportion of my retirement check came from what source, but eventually it would all come from just one instead of two.  Upon awaking, I felt like I’d been in the presence of a Vogon.  Vogon, you ask?  Those thick lipped bureaucrats from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that were responsible for the destruction of earth to make way for a galactic superhighway.  You remember them, right?

May12th: Dreamt about Erik the Younger once again going into harm’s way.  It reproduced that awful, pit of the stomach nagging fear that I remember so well from last decade.  Might have been brought on by Sharyn’s comment about not wanting her boys in a war with China when I said something big was coming.  Or maybe it was this pic ETY sent when we were texting about AR-15s.  I intend to take a course on how to shoot that weapon..just in case

May 13th: I was teaching a class of two students, trying to solve an engineering problem. One student was quite advanced, a senior ready to graduate. The other was a woman who was a non-engineer. I tried to make the question as simple to understand in practical terms as possible, mostly for her but he didn’t know how to solve it either. It involved the necessity for moving a pile of dirt. Then the dream switched to a diet calculation, but the amount of weight involved wasn’t listed in pounds, but was expressed as a function of pi. Weird, eh?

Thought: Jung is a bit of a shit, surprisingly so. I’ve been reading his book The Undiscovered Self, which he originally titled Present and Future. The tone of his writing is of a father talking to a slightly retarded child: he repeats his concepts over and over, to the point of being annoying. Then in my communications with him through his Spanish female medium, he is quite dismissive, as though he doesn’t have time for a mere mortal like me to be bothering him. And yet, in the beginning, according to the medium, he wanted me to tell him what was coming. So he isn’t infallible; just terribly egomaniacal. I think this is going to be really fun jousting with him. I suck at chess, so that’s not the game here – it’s Yoda and Luke. He is looking for someone to keep him apprised of what is going on that gets him – so bring it on, Carl.

May 24th: Another work dream. I had asked Tony Donadio, an architect from Vero, to help me do something with one of my books. He sounded vague in response. I asked if he’d read the book, and he shook his head no. Then some woman said we were going to work with Tony on the book at some restaurant. We got to the restaurant and the woman owner said she would seat us on the porch because the woman, apparently named Teresita, had a very loud voice and there had been complaints before. She also said she’d gotten a call from Colter – ? Before we were seated I had to pee. There was a line at the one, unisex bathroom with an open toilet. A guy two back in the line was talking on the phone to the same woman about a code violation, but not the toilet. He said it needed to be fixed right away or there’d be a fine. She must have asked how much the fine was because he said $12,000. After he got off the phone, the guy behind me, the inspector and I agreed she would have taken the fine instead of fixing the problem if the fine had been less. Then it was my turn to pee. The toilet was full of toilet paper and unflushable. I went to sit and Tony was sitting across from me. I told him not to look, and managed to sit down without showing any of my nether parts. I peed.

May 16th: Zeitgeist. The spirit of the age. Emphasis on the word spirit. A sense or a ghost? Maybe both. I dreamt about it night before last, but was too busy to write it down yesterday because of madelines and hearing aids. So it came back last night. The zeitgeist of the second decade of the 21st century is death and destruction. Mass shootings. Drug overdoses. A million casualties of Covid. A slow trickle of slaughter for Ukrainians who cannot be rid of their south/eastern neighbor. Too many people but too few workers. Too many children in Syria, so let’s bomb them into obliviion. Now, in that last bastion of hope, let us Americans default on our debt and destroy the Gulfstream, the engine of the economy. Climate change that will destroy THE Gulfstream so people in western Europe return to an ice age with astronomical energy bills trying to stay warm. Leads to hunger. Death. Jung figured it out. It made him cynical and hopeless, so he turned to women for solace and guidance. Now he’s an elder, with a Spanish woman muse (like Picasso? Or was his muse French?) who does his talking..but he’s curious about what will happen and cannot see. So he is playing mental games with me. Putting these thoughts in my head, seeing if I’m smart enough to get it without turning cynical as well. Too late, Carl. I’d already figured it out, but just tried not to see. So yeah, I get it.

May 17th: Dreaming about metadata. That’s info about a dataset. The ultimate in likely nerddom. Apparently my metadata was not helpful in sorting through the dataset it was supposed to tie to. There was some mixup. It’s like the current state of affairs in America. We are talking at each other but nobody’s listening. Banging away as it were. My description of a problem triggers a thought in you, so you interpret what I’m saying through the lens of your own bent. Can they work out a default deal? Nobody will venture a guess. Baysian analysis says they will default for a short time.

May 19th: I was with Johnnie Depp (?) and trying to convince him to do something different than what he was currently doing. He pointed at the sky, asking me “What is that?” It was a jet plane, diving right at us. It went over our heads and crashed in a fiery ball. “F16” he said. That was the end of the dream. Later I dreamt about sick leave hours not cashed out, but that gave me a headache. Crashing F-16’s? Am I on the same track as Jung before WWI? Time will tell and we shall see.

5/20: Another work/travel dream. This time I was with the quality people in Cincinnati Procter & Gamble, not my favorite bunch. We were preparing for something, and I had rollers in my hair borrowed from someone else. Before the eent, I took them out and put them on a table, brushing and smoothing my hair. Then later on after I woke up from a coughing fit, went back to sleep and dreamt about buying a foreclosure somewhere with land – very modern design with a pool. The person I was with said I couldn’t see it because we were working on another project and you couldn’t do two so close together. I insisted. We were on our way to see it when Lucy woke me up.

5/21: Another dream about Everglades National Park, this time involving water going bad. I was building a facility near the park when I was asked about where the water was coming from. There was also a scene in my dream about trying to connect to the internet with some kind of machine. The essence of the dream was they needed something that I was capable of providing. However, they were being very cagy about asking, either because of pride or because it was outside their normal dealings and it wasn’t kosher to do it that way. Then Lucy woke me up.

May 22nd: Dreamed about correlating an envelope with a description. It’s entirely clear by now that a lot of what my dreams are focusing on is the island in Biscayne Bay. It’s not sexy like Jung’s dreams predicting World War I, but it is consistent and insistent. Just waiting for a fellow named Desi Kellerman to get the title search back that proves Erik and Richard own it. Interesting correlation with dreams. There is something to that.

May 23rd: This one was about presidential campaigning. Obama was running for re-election. I was sitting on the grass next to Michelle at a campaign event that was large and really cheesy – not like them at all. She was concerned about it, but said there was nothing she could do as it was out of her hands. Later I dreamt about Bufo toads in the house. One was a beautiful blue one with a red stripe. I tried shooing them out, but they didn’t want to go. One of them growled at me quite loudly and not sounding at all like a toad. I was worried the dog would be poisoned by them.

May 25th: I was younger, staying at some house away from home. I was waiting for Erik to come back. There was a large Christmas tree I kept staring at, rather tackily decorated. I kept trying to move tinsel around to make it look better. There was a sub-dream, something about Sybil and a guy named Joe with a transcript from some court case involving a child. Additional details from someone I didn’t recognize said Joe had molested the child, but it was in doubt because of the girl being older and maybe not totally innocent. Erik came home, wearing a goofy wig that had bangs. I asked him what was up with the hair. He took off the wig and showed me he was losing his hair. He said the doctor didn’t know if it would grow back, as it was likely Propecia. Is that a disease or a hair treatment? Then I woke up

May 30th: War in Florida. Tanks parked in the median on Military Trail across from Aycock Riverside Funeral home. I was driving a white BMW, pulling out from the funeral home. Erik had just attended a secret meeting in an elevator. I was already forty five minutes late for work, and really annoyed about it.

Note: I just read that Paul Simon’s latest album was the product of his waking up in the early hours (like it is now, 5:05 am) and writing down his dream elements. Has something to do with Psalms. My latest book has Psalms, written by Sabrina. Not all finished yet; I’m no poet.

May 31st: We were back in Miami, called to testify against my father in law, who years before brutally murdered my mother in law, hacked up the body and hid it. He went unprosecuted for years, and I was a witness to the murder. As such, I was called to testify against him. Not sure why Erik wasn’t. Maybe because of family ties. We were driving south on the Palmetto Expressway, passing a beautiful mansion. It was a museum now, but had once been owned by Napoleon. White house, white pillars – I commented that it must have been worth a lot of money before it because a museum.

June 1st: Another work dream. I was a new recruit to an organization that was like a non-profit and had to do with art. A large man was the _______, some very specific word that I can’t remember, something like harbo with the accent on the o. Everybody else knew what the word was, but I’d never heard of it. It was accompanied by a symbol..something like a finger with a dot of color on the end – or maybe it was a tongue depresser. I was in the midst of these people who knew everything about art. I knew almost nothing, but I wasn’t afraid. In fact, they seemed to find it amusing that I knew nothing – and attractive. The director was a woman – aloof and very busy. She had a husband that apparently nobody trusted because he was rather amorous with the staff. Seemed like a setup to me.

June 2nd: I had drafted a document with recommendations that were absolutely crushing to Iran’s economy. After creating it, it occurred to me that nobody had sanctioned its creation. Also,it was written in such a way that it looked like a fait accomplit, which would have serious ramifications for the world. I tried to walk it back, showing it to members of ‘the committee’, but one of them took it with them when they went to lunch at an Iranian restaurant. I was afraid just a guy who owned a restaurant, reading it and talking to people would destabilize the world. Then I was at some venue where I was shooting arrows into a target. People were walking back and forth between some kind of check in and the outer room. As I aimed my rather sharp arrow, they were walking between me and the target. I asked them to stop, but they ignored me. It occurred to me what I was doing was dangerous and maybe I should stop.

June 3rd: I went back to sleep so I forget most of the content of the dream. Only thing left is an image: Frosty the Snowman. A bit of the song playing in my head to define the contents of his face. “A button nose and two eyes made out of coal.” Not a particularly frightening image, but a clear one.

June 4th: I was giving a paint tutorial to some woman. We were also talking about the ease of installation of the shutters above the sliding glass doors. There is so much more we could do in paint if HD would think creatively. Alas. Then I was at a beach – the Atlantic Ocean but the older man I was with pointed out that there was an estuary nearby that was very calm. The Bay? Then there was some new house built for a woman I worked with called Tandy and her husband that involved a loan of $62k from this man who expected to be paid back but wasn’t concerned about it. Character name for writing: Erasmus Deerfield.

June 5th: Watching TV, saw an ad for a debt collection agency. Said to send payments to Harvey Ruvin, who is the clerk for Dade County, FL. I was outraged..finally got hold of someone in Dade County office, saying this was inappropriate for a county official to be collecting debts for private companies. For a day or so it stopped; then the ad started running again. Harvey was a slippery character in my dream. Of course this is again about Dade County and the records relative to the island’s ownership. It is a recurring issue.

June 6th: D-Day. Dream Day. I wrote a screenplay for a story that was in my dream, embellished by thoughts after I woke up. Called Rhinestones. Cheesy title, reminiscent of some old Dolly Parton/Sylvester Stallone movie? Could I have hallucinated that idea?

June 7th: I was helping a young woman who was having difficulty with life (my daughter?) She looked like the character that jut got bumped off by the pharmacist on Season 3, Episode 3 of Happy Valley. I asked what she really needed; she said a new set of windshield wipers so she could see all the way across her windshield. I asked her to give me the make and model of the car. She seemed hesitant. The next thing I knew she had a whole shopping basket full of stuff. I wasn’t angry, more mystified about how people can be like that.

June 10th: It started with looking at a map, showing a route from northeast to southwest. A voiceover (mine?) is explaining to someone how ‘we’ ended up at this location purely by chance. We were retracing those steps so I could show this unknown person the location: Dannemora Prison in upstate New York. Then in my head I was trying to work out an algebraic equation involving a gray square and a number like 1 on one side of the equation and +1 on the other. I finally had the answer just before I woke up. Couldn’t say what that was.

June 11th: I was a member of an extended crime family or a family of lawyers, I wasn’t sure which. There was a lot of cooking and eating involved with this family, who were always falling out with one another. There was a subplot involving a female child who’d drowned and her body was recovered. It was wrapped up in plastic, preparing for burial or something, but it was on the table next to the family roast. I couldn’t tell which one was which when I went to look. Then I was walking on the sidewalk to one of their offices, knowing that there were some frozen vegetables in their freezer that was needed for dinner with the roast – whichever of the packages it was.

June 12th: This one had something to do with interest rates. I’m sure finances are still on my mind, with the pending increase in mortgage payment for the house.

June 13th: This involved walking and cooking (?) I would enter a room through a door that needed a key. Then I would le3ave with an egg. The eg looked cracked on the top, making me suspicious that it was contaminated. I left and started walking. I turned bgack to look at some tall buildings that were some kind of shopping area. There was a building on the left that had the outlines of a previous tenant painted on the wall. It was Jackson Weiss. I thought it was a uniform shop that had gone out of business. I felt sad about that, considering it had to do with post-Covid realities. I tried cooking the suspicious egg on the gravel road. There was no yolk. To me that was a pretty good indication the egg was no good. So I decided to eat mini wheats cereal instead.

June 14th: In a job I had before I returned to get my degree, my boss insisted I had to come to work early to deal with something to do with the Old Philadelphia Life Insurance policy. I also had an assignment due for some kind of school thesis. I had a copy of an old thesis I was borrowing from, but I didn’t have time to do it right, and it felt like I was plagiarizing the other woman’s work. The situation remained unresolved when I woke up. The word ‘jooks’ figured in this thesis, along with some other word that I can’t remember.

June 15th: I was living in a squalid trailer in Oklahoma, and I’d been away from home for some extended period of time. Upon my return, my mother told me she was pregnant and had been sleeping with my husband. My husband (who bore an amazing resemblance to Garth Brooks) muttered ‘a man gets lonely’, but then said he did not sleep with her, only visited with her. The subject of pregnancy was left undiscussed.

June 16th: This dream involved Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, a fishing trip, and the white left inside the top of an egg shell. There were a bunch of people, none of whom I recognized except for Matt and Ben, that had gone out together on a fishing trip. It was after the trip, and everyone was ling around and talking in groups. There was an expectation of connnecdting to pieces of wood ng these pieces for individuals to use to connect to these pieces of wood. Then one of them – Matt or Ben – was going to help me close one of my credit card accounts to improve my credit score. He seemed quite sure about himself in that discussion. I told him a story about my sister being involved with trials, then it was weddings and engagement rings. Ben showed me his engagement ring which was plastic that he’d received from Matt. Go figure

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