It Finally Got Me

Well, I tested positive for Covid this morning. After Erik got it about ten days ago, I guess my chances of escaping it were about nil. Sadly, I have the flu first, so that made wearing a mask difficult. Now I call home Germ Central, and am plotting GPS coordinates for my ashes to be scattered next to the pond. Just kidding..I hope.

Paint Mixing 101

So my perfect attendance record at HD is shattered. Ah well, couldn’t last forever, not at my age, right? I really could use a rest anyway. So much for my career as a paint maven. Tomorrow I have a pre-interview for a construction company. No illusions about how it will turn out, but it’s all copy, right?

If I felt better I’d write a post about Deadwood, the HBO series Aunt Jopie and I have been watching for months. I have lots of thoughts about the series, but right now it’s just not in me to collect those notions. Later.

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