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I got no phone call yesterday from the elementary school out here in the Farms to set up my interview for the role of Granny O, the lunch lady. But I can understand that – after a hectic, short-handed lunch period, who wants to call somebody up and interview them for a job that will go to another cafeteria? Nonetheless, I really do want to hear soon..I feel my future is waiting in the wings…

Having said all that, and apologizing for keeping everyone waiting with bated breath, can we talk about China for a bit? I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot since the news about Evergrande being ready to implode and Xi (aka ‘the government’) the Magnificant being unwilling to bail them out of the mess they’re in, caused by Xi (government) in the first place..whew! You get the idea…

Anyway, here’s the thing. Xi has positioned himself to be absolute ruler by purging the competition, changing the rules of the game, and showing, via Hong Kong, that he is ruthless. Sound familiar – Hitler? Stalin? It’s an old play book, and historically, one that hasn’t worked out well for either the despot or the people he rules. I don’t think it will be any different for Xi or for China. He likely thinks he knows best, which means he has no respect for the Chinese people. He’s also influenced by his youth under the Mao-created Cultural Revolution, where his sister died and his family suffered terribly. So he perceives the good citizens of the very large country of China as sheep to be shepherded – or herded, in the case of Hong Kong.

The Playbook of Bolshevism

Having said all that as background, let’s focus on the economics of the situation in China. Xi (government) has taken the power away from tech companies and Chinese billionaires. Some who have crossed him are now MIA (Jack Ma from Ali Baba, e.g.). His newest initiative is for these wealthy companies to ‘share the wealth’ with start-up companies and the rural areas that haven’t benefitted from their success. In effect, it’s the ‘collectivization’ strategy initiated by Stalin that starved millions; the ‘collectivization’ in Vietnam that starved’s a page from the oldest playbooks of Bolshevism. It completely undoes the strategy initiated in the late 80’s and early 90’s by Deng Xiaoping. That strategy led to the successes that created those billionaires and tech giants.

Xi intends to undo all that, and continues to threaten Taiwan, a sample of the ruthless label generated with Hong Kong. There are several ironies here. This makes him the ‘new’ Mao, who used the Cultural Revolution as a way to stay in power. Will Xi end up repeating the actions of the man who nearly ruined his life? Maybe not intentionally, but likely within the realm of possibility. When the ‘collectivization’ strategy fails, who will take the blame? What will Xi do to distract people from these failures? That’s where the really big purges will kick in; and then Taiwan will be in real trouble.

War as a Distraction from Economic Distress – and Consolidation of Power?

Xi’s strategy simply won’t work. It would be like trying to dismiss gravity. But it will take time for the failures to clearly manifest themselves. That’s when we – and Taiwan – need to seriously worry – say some time in ’28?

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