It’s On

I got a call yesterday mid-afternoon from a nice-sounding woman who said she was the food service manager at Limestone Creek Elementary School. That’s where Robin and Kirsten went to elementary school in the 90’s. The lady asked if I was still interested in a job with food service. I said I was, and we agreed to meet tomorrow (now today) at 3:00 pm.

So now I’m one step closer to becoming a lunch lady. It’s three in the morning, and I’m tapping away on this computer, after waking up at 1:51. It occurred to me that my greatest fear is not being physically fit enough for the job.

I haven’t been to the gym but once since Covid took over our lives. After I went that one time to the Silver Sneakers class, the Delta variant started making the news, and I backed off. Now I’m preparing to jump into work that requires physical labor, at this point of unknown quantity and duration. Will I be able to handle it? That is the question. We’ll see.

Right now, after I finish this post, I’m going to watch the DVD I bought from Amazon (of course) about the pandemic of 1918. I still have it in my mind to write a satirical piece about Covid terrorism – on both sides of the argument. I want to get it done before my anger and frustration with the vaxxer vs anti-vaxxer nonsense subsides. Gotta finish that outline this week – in between interviews to be Granny O, lunch lady. Wish me luck today.

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