She Did!

Yesterday morning I got a voicemail message at 8:16 am from Amanda, the manager of the cafeteria at Limestone Creek. She offered me a 4 hour per day job with the school food service department. Promising to call me back with the proper job application code, she welcomed me to the team.


I guess buying the apron was a good investment, eh?

Now I have to think more about time utilization, assuming I make it through the hiring process. Four hours a day feels doable, so it’s a start toward a new career path that fits with my other vocation. I think it will be good exercise too.

Emily came yesterday and finished her last practice test before taking the official GED exam. She will take the first of the four tomorrow afternoon. She’s starting with Language Arts, which should be her strongest subject. I’m confident she’ll pass them all, in preparation for starting at Palm Beach State College in the spring. That’s so great.

In the interim, we still need to figure out about Covid and Kiernan and vaccination. It’s supposed to be ready in a few weeks. Will she get the vaccine? Will there be side effects? Will she stay with virtual school? All issues that will need discussion and decisions. Ah, me. Remember when life was so much simpler – like in 2019?

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