And Then She Didn’t

I never heard back from the woman again. So the next time the School District complains they can’t get any help, think about my experience – and don’t bother to apply.

Spam Filters are Wonderful Inventions

I added a new Spam filter to the blog and it works! In the past week, there have been 47 attempts to infiltrate my blog with weird advertisements, many from China. The new filter sweeps them up and dumps them into one folder which can be easily emptied. I used to have to wade through and pick them out one at a time. This is great.

So where am I with my writing? Well, let’s see..The Algorithmic Brain is long since finished, with tiny edits as I share it chapter by chapter with my writing group. Then there’s The Cheese Stands Alone. I’m up to Chapter 14, with an expectation that I’m about half done. So that makes for another 28 chapter book, which seems to be my rhythm. I have not yet begun with my outline for It’s the Young Ones Ya Gotta Watch, which I believe will be a short story to put in the 7/17/71 folder to be published as an anthology of Kiernan, Emily and my writing. I’m thinking about the outline for the sequel to The Algorithmic Brain, which will be called The Algorithmic Brain Goes Back (Be Careful What you Wish For). What happened to The Reconvening, you ask? It’s up to Book 2, Chapter 6, with an outline to show where it should go. It’s my least favorite writing, so it’s slow going. I shall pick it up again when there’s time to concentrate.

That’s Kiernan!

Time? Well, with Kiernan coming quite often for school, time is a little bit limited, which should make me more efficient in its use. You’d think – but no. When you are retired, the use of time changes, so it’s necessary to pick a rhythm, and then vary it. Why? You become stuck if you don’t. Is that bad? Yes..I think that contributes to brain deterioration, and my brain is doing enough on its own so…

Otherwise, it’s just carry on and try to get some work done before she comes over and I get sucked into the world of virtual learning. It’s never dull ’round here!

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